Dozens of the country's top experts in men's health reveal... What 9 Out of 10 Doctors Aren't Telling Male Patients About Their Prostate Problems, Low Testosterone and Erectile Dysfunction

Doctors won’t tell you this because they don’t know...

But all you need to double your testosterone level is a two-nutrient combo that you can buy over-the-counter. Your cost per day? About two bucks.

Give your body these two foods and it will do the rest.

Compare that to about $6,000 a year—$16 a day—for doctor-prescribed testosterone that actually damages your own body’s ability to make the testosterone you need to be a man...

Then ask yourself... is your doctor one of the 9 out of 10 doctors who don’t know this—or dozens of other breakthroughs and pitfalls that affect a man's sexual performance, prostate and total health?

Dear Friend,

It’s sad but true: 9 out of 10 doctors don’t know the latest, most exciting breakthroughs in male sexual health.

And when it comes to your sexual health, what you don’t know can hurt you. Can keep you from getting better. And can keep you from reclaiming the vitality and sexual prowess of your youth.

That’s why dozens of the country’s top experts in men’s sexual health have come forward to set the record straight and bring you dozens of exciting new breakthroughs and cures that you probably won’t hear about from your doctor for years—if ever.

Read on and discover how to...

  • Transform your health and your sex life by sending your TESTOSTERONE skyrocketing—naturally
  • Banish PERFORMANCE ISSUES quickly and easily—without dangerous drugs.
  • Make PROSTATE PROBLEMS like enlargement and prostatitis disappear.
  • Beat PROSTATE CANCER—without resorting to drugs or surgery.

First, let me tell you that secret
for doubling your testosterone naturally

It’s so simple and so effective you’ll wonder where it’s been all your life. Especially if you’ve been blowing money out the door to pay for pharmaceutical testosterone.

Everyone who’s looked into men’s health knows we men need high levels of zinc. You should take 50 mg. a day.

But the other nutrient is nearly unknown. It’s a powerful medicinal mushroom called cordyceps that not only boosts your testosterone levels but your overall health.

This doctor-tested combination doubles a man’s testosterone levels, as proved by before-and-after blood tests. The results were spectacular.

I only know about them because my colleague, author Bill Gottlieb, gained access to an unpublished Florida study. It may be years before this breakthrough goes mainstream.

So please listen to this urgent warning...

Before you consider supplementing your testosterone with drugs or natural supplements... (and spending as much as $6,000 a year)...

Before you think about letting a doctor treat your performance issues with Viagra, Cialis or Levitra (or you try to treat them yourself with an "all-natural" supplement)...

Before you subject yourself to drugs or surgery for your prostate problems—or resign yourself to just living with the discomfort and pain...

Before you undergo a painful needle biopsy or surgery for prostate cancer...

...shouldn't you know the truth?

Because as men, when it comes to our sexual health, there's a lot we're not being told.

We're not being told which of the old standby tests and treatments that doctors use are woefully (and dangerously) out-of-date or disproven. Because doctors just don't have time to keep up with the latest advances.

And we're not being told about many amazing new breakthroughs that aren't yet common knowledge—even among doctors.

I'm talking about new, more effective ways to send your testosterone skyrocketing naturally ... to banish performance issues quickly without dangerous drugs ... to make persistent prostate problems like enlargement or prostatitis disappear ... and to beat prostate cancer without resorting to drugs or surgery.

My name is Lee Euler, president of Natural Health Insiders, Inc.—a publishing company that specializes in uncovering ways to slow, stop and even reverse some of today's most deadly and feared health problems, such as cancer and Alzheimer's.

But recently, I became aware of a
serious and growing health problem...

I watched my friends suffer from all sorts of "male" problems. Some struggled to raise their testosterone. Some were having erection difficulties. Others suffered from chronic prostate enlargement or prostatitis. A few, unfortunately, were diagnosed with prostate cancer.

But because my staff and I keep in touch with the latest and most important research on new medical and natural breakthroughs, I saw how out-of-date and misleading most of the information my friends were getting was. Clearly, their doctors weren't keeping up. (And how can they be expected to, with all the pressure they're under to see as many patients each day as possible?)

What's more, their doctors all seemed to be not only ignorant about natural alternatives, but even biased against them. I guess that will always be the case as long as drug companies spend many billions of dollars on promotion and lobbying.

So I sent my top investigative health reporter, bestselling author Bill Gottlieb, to see what's really going on. He interviewed dozens of the best men's health doctors and experts in the country—those on the cutting edge of the newest and best discoveries and breakthroughs in male sexual health.

What he found shocked both of us: The experts Bill interviewed revealed that much of what men are being told today about testosterone, prostate health, erectile dysfunction and prostate cancer—even by doctors—is indeed obsolete. Or wrong. Or an out-and-out lie.

He uncovered misleading testing procedures. Widely accepted treatments that are out-of-date, dangerous, harmful, expensive and—worst of all!—ineffective. Little-known medical break-throughs and overlooked natural cures that men aren't being told about.

Finally, we're able to set the record straight. And save many men a lot of unnecessary frustration, expense and suffering.

Take low testosterone for example.

You've probably heard that raising low testosterone levels can transform a man—physically and sexually—and give you back the strength, energy, stamina and sex drive you had decades ago.

And it's true! In fact, if you have any problems related to your sexual health, or you're no longer feeling like the man you used to be, getting your testosterone checked is a great idea.

But here's some shocking news that you probably won't hear from your doctors: You can have a normal testosterone level and still be testosterone deficient.

The Testosterone Blunder Most Doctors Make:
Their Standard Testosterone
Test Can Easily Miss
a Deficiency

Most doctors measure only total testosterone. And that's a big mistake.

Because what many doctors don't seem to realize is that "total" testosterone tells you only the total amount of testosterone you have in your body. Not how much you have available to energize and fuel your masculinity.

And those are two very different things.

You see, what happens is that a lot of that "total" testosterone can get "bound up" with other chemicals in your body in ways that render it useless to you.

That's why what's important is not the total amount of testosterone you have, but how much is available and ready to be put to use.

Fortunately, there is a test that determines just how much testosterone your body has ready to go to work. And when this test is done, many men find that it's no wonder their energy has been so low and their sex drive and erections so weak. Because even though their total testosterone is normal, their bodies don't have enough available testosterone to do the job.

When these men get supplemental testosterone (something they would never have done if their doctor only tested for total testosterone), they often experience miraculous transformations—their sex drive and stamina skyrocket, their muscle mass increases, and they grow stronger and healthier.

It really makes me angry when I think of all the men out there who will continue to suffer the symptoms of low testosterone—AFTER they've been tested and assured their total testosterone levels are "normal."

I don't want you to be one of them.

That's why you'll find complete details, including the exact test to ask for, on page 27 of Bill Gottlieb's MAXIMUM MANHOOD, the exciting new book we've just published based on Bill's groundbreaking interviews and research, and packed with vital revelations most men will never hear about.

And this testing blunder isn’t all Bill exposes about testosterone testing in MAXIMUM MANHOOD. He also blows the lid off:

  • The best time of day to get your testosterone levels tested. Could make a big difference in the outcome. Page 29.
  • The part of a testosterone lab report you should ignore. That's right—just ignore it. Even though most doctors swear by it. On page 28 of MAXIMUM MANHOOD.
  • Why, if you're middle-aged or older, you don't want "normal" testosterone levels. Page 30.
  • What you should always ask your doctor to show you after a testosterone test. Most patients don't ask, and most doctors won't give it to you unless you do. Page 35.
  • A simple, reliable do-it-yourself testosterone test! Can save a bundle. See page 29.
  • 10 simple questions that reveal whether or not you may have low testosterone. On page 25.
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I believe every man over 40 should have a copy of MAXIMUM MANHOOD. In fact, I believe it's so important that I want to send you a trial copy at no risk to you—along with three FREE Special Reports.

Only in this complete "men's health library" will you finally discover what 9 out of 10 doctors won't tell you about low testosterone, erectile dysfunction, prostate enlargement, prostatitis and prostate cancer.

For example, I'll bet you haven't heard about...

The Special Type
of Testosterone Therapy That
Outperforms Every Other

If you do need more testosterone—and, as you'll discover on page 31, some doctors now say that every man over 40 does—you'll definitely want to check out MAXIMUM MANHOOD.

Because there are a lot of misconceptions, even among doctors, about the different types of testosterone therapy.

For example, many doctors prescribe a standard prescription gel like Androgel, Testim, Fortesta or Axiron. In spite of the fact that they don't work on most men.

That's right: Our experts tell us they simply don't work!

Other doctors prescribe a patch, an injection or implanted pellets.

Still not the most effective therapy.

Because, as you'll discover in MAXIMUM MANHOOD, there is a simple, painless way to deliver testosterone that outperforms all the therapies doctors usually prescribe. Not only does it work better in getting you the testosterone you need, it's easier to use and it's safer.

What a tragedy that most men never find out about this little-known treatment from their doctors. But you can find out all about it on page 32

Unfortunately, there's lots more your doctor probably isn't telling you about testosterone therapy, such as...

  • Two methods for supplementing testosterone you should never use. One of them could easily lead to your getting either too much—or not enough. The other lowers your "good cholesterol," which could lead to a heart attack or stroke. Page 33.
  • How some men undergoing testosterone therapy unknowingly dose their wife and children with it. The result is a health disaster for their loved ones. Page 36.
  • 9 health problems that can each increase your odds of a testosterone deficiency up to three times over. Page 3.
  • The hidden connection between testosterone and body fat.
    Page 12.
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Simple Ways You Can Make
Your Testosterone Levels Soar

If you prefer to avoid prescription testosterone drugs and would rather raise your levels naturally, you have more choices than ever.

But you probably won't hear about them from your doctor.

Which is hardly surprising when you consider how much influence the drug companies have over how doctors are educated, and how doctors get their information on drugs. Testosterone drugs are the new Viagra—a two billion dollar market. And pharmaceutical companies spend millions to get doctors to prescribe them, and millions more to get consumers to ask for them.

But to believe drugs are better than natural testosterone boosters, you have to overlook some things. Such as having to pay up to $500 a month for testosterone drugs, and possible side effects such as your prostate and breasts growing bigger and your testicles growing smaller. Not to mention heart disease.

That's why MAXIMUM MANHOOD is full of safe, inexpensive (or free) ways to boost your testosterone levels naturally—powerful remedies that many of the doctors interviewed for this book told us they both recommend to their patients and use themselves.

Want something that works fast? Check out page 42 for a tincture made from the pollen of a common type of tree. It's packed with all-natural plant versions of not only testosterone, but other critical androgens that give you masculine traits like strong muscles.

And talk about fast: These androgens can actually boost your testosterone levels within just minutes. Plus, they stimulate your body's own testosterone production. Men regularly report immediate energy boosts, as well as increases in libido, erection, sexual vitality and mental alertness.

Want more natural choices? MAXIMUM MANHOOD has them:

  • The testosterone-boosting vitamin every man should take. Increases testosterone by strengthening your hormone-controlling adrenal glands. Page 42.
  • This traditional Malaysian aphrodisiac is also one of the best natural testosterone boosters. Many practitioners recommend it in addition to traditional testosterone replacement. Page 44.
  • How to build testosterone by eating more fat—including delicious steaks! But you need to follow the directions on page 49.
  • How when you eat can affect your testosterone. Page 50.
  • How boosting your testosterone prevents weight gain—and can trigger weight loss. Page 51.
  • Many men hit a plateau when they boost testosterone naturally. Page 44 reveals how to avoid that.
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12 Ways You May Be Unwittingly
Lowering Your Testosterone

It's not enough to boost your testosterone.

You also have to avoid a few common mistakes that cause your body to destroy it!

For example, you've probably heard that exercise boosts testosterone, right?


Exercise the wrong way—the way most people do—and your body produces more testosterone-suppressing cortisol. So the more you exercise in this way, the more cortisol goes into your system, and the less testosterone you have.

What's the right way to exercise if you want to raise—not lower—your testosterone levels? You'll find it on page 50 of MAXIMUM MANHOOD. Bonus benefit: Exercising in this way also enables you to get more of the benefits of exercise in less time.

Here, from MAXIMUM MANHOOD, are a few more ways men unknowingly lower their testosterone levels:

  • If you have less sex than the amount on page 54, your brain will lower your testosterone levels.
  • Common household gadgets you should never use—if you want more testosterone. Page 53.
  • Testosterone levels plunge when you don't get enough of this crucial mineral. And many men get way too little. (It actually preserves the DNA genetic blueprint your body uses to produce testosterone!) Page 41.
  • How to stop your body from producing a compound that binds to your testosterone and renders it useless. Every year, you produce more and more of this substance. Better see page 43 for a way to cut your production of this testosterone blocker by more than half.
  • How the way you breathe can lower your testosterone levels. Simple fix on page 54.
  • How what you wear to bed can affect your testosterone production. Page 54.
  • Your body may be turning your testosterone into the feminizing hormone estrogen. Put a stop to that with the foods on page 42.
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Are You Literally Dying for an Erection?
The dirty little secrets of erectile dysfunction drugs

If you have trouble getting or keeping an erection, you're not alone.

As many as 30 million men in the U.S., some as young as 40, struggle with erectile dysfunction.

Drug manufacturers would like you to believe that salvation lies with them. So they spend millions to run costly TV commercials for potency drugs like Viagra® and Cialis.®

But they foster a very dangerous misconception: That erectile dysfunction drugs are safe.

The truth is that they can have some nasty side effects, including diminished sexual pleasure (that's ironic, isn't it?), hearing loss and vision problems.

But there's also one whopper of a side effect: They could contribute to your death from a heart attack or stroke.

That's because good erectile health and good heart and circulatory health both depend on healthy blood vessels (your penis and erectile mechanism are packed with blood vessels). So when someone has erectile dysfunction, there's often (some would say "usually") an underlying circulatory problem.

And the erectile dysfunction is really just a symptom of this underlying circulatory problem. That's why, if you just treat the erectile dysfunction with drugs, you're just covering up this early warning indicator, and a heart attack or stroke could be your next "symptom."

Conversely, the stronger and more frequent your erections are, the healthier your heart and circulatory system are.

No wonder erectile dysfunction means you're 3 times more likely to have a heart attack. More than twice as likely to have a stroke or be hospitalized for heart failure. And three times as likely to die of any cause.

It also explains why men usually develop heart problems two to three years after being diagnosed with erectile dysfunction. And they often experience a "cardiovascular event" such as a heart attack or stroke within five years.

I beg you—don't go down that path.

Instead, why not take advantage of the all-natural ways to repair both your love life and your cardiovascular and overall health that you'll find in MAXIMUM MANHOOD?

For example, you'll discover...

The Best Cure for Erectile Dysfunction
and Clogged Arteries—
and It's Right in Your Kitchen

What if there were a way you could banish erectile dysfunction and prevent and reverse clogged arteries, simply by eating—and not just tasteless stuff but delicious, satisfying foods?

Only one eating plan has been proven to do exactly that.

Not only is it the only diet proven to prevent and reverse cardiovascular disease, researchers who looked at it for men's sexual health said it was: "More effective at preventing ... or reversing erectile dysfunction than any other diet."

Best of all, this isn't some tofu and carrot sticks regimen. It's delicious, full of foods you crave—and even includes plenty of wine.

You'll get all the details on page 58 of MAXIMUM MANHOOD.

Plus, there's lots more good news if you want to avoid those expensive and dangerous potency drugs—and to live and love lots longer and better...

  • The nut that improves the strength and frequency of your erections. Also increases your sexual satisfaction and improves your cholesterol. Page 60.
  • The $20 device you can buy in any drugstore that can reinvigorate your health and your sex life. And all you have to do is wear it. Page 61.
  • The simple chiropractic fix for erectile dysfunction. Page 63.
  • The hidden connection between your teeth and erectile dysfunction. This information could preserve your sex life and your overall health. Page 64.
  • How a 63 year-old man is able to perform sexually for 90 minutes a day. Page 68.
  • The miracle herb that can give you bigger, better, firmer erections—even if you have severe erectile dysfunction. Page 79.
  • The best—although one of the least-known—erection enhancing supplements. All natural, yet works exactly the same way Viagra and other erectile dysfunction drugs work. Page 69.
  • How to boost your erection-pumping nitric oxide levels. Nitric oxide is the "miracle molecule" that, in addition to boosting and prolonging erections kills bacteria and cancer cells, prevents high blood pressure, keeps arteries young and flexible, lowers cholesterol, reduces diabetes risk, relieves arthritis, prevents bone-loss, and limits sun damage to your skin. Discover how to get more of it in your system—on page 73.
  • The South American super food Incan warriors used to increase their strength, endurance and sexual potency. Bonus: Helps relieve osteoarthritis pain and stiffness by increasing cartilage growth between your bones. Page 79.
  • The herb to take if an antidepressant is causing your sexual problems. When researchers looked at what this herb did for the sex lives of men on antidepressants, they described some of the individual responses as "spectacular." Another study found an 84% success rate in treating "antidepressant-induced sexual dysfunction." Page 81.
  • The male potency herb you should share with your wife or girlfriend. But be careful—regular use can as much as triple a woman's sexual arousal. Page 79.
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Completely Reverse Prostate
Pain with 3 Simple Changes to Your Diet
Don't let a doctor give you drugs
or send you to surgery until you hear this...

If you suffer from the painful symptoms of prostatitis—pain, swelling, inflammation and sexual dysfunction—I don't have to tell you how it can diminish your enjoyment of life.

Sex is less pleasurable. It can be painful. Sometimes impossible.

And even everyday activities are less enjoyable when you're in pain and have to keep running to the bathroom.

Today, prostatitis has reached epidemic proportions.

In fact, one out of two men will suffer from it at some time in their lives. Some chronically.

If you see a doctor, he may want to send you to surgery. Yet according to one of our expert physicians, unless there is an infection (and 95% of the time there isn't) or an anatomical abnormality, he has never seen surgery be successful for chronic prostatitis. And such operations, he says, often leave the patient in worse shape than before.

Instead, MAXIMUM MANHOOD reveals a revolutionary new prostatitis cure (that's right...cure!) that doesn't require drugs. Or surgery. Or even supplements.

Best of all, there is nothing you need to do. Nothing you need to take. You simply avoid 3 types of foods.

And you'll be glad to know that we're not talking about sugar, meat or anything like that.

The doctor behind this revolutionary cure was Ronald Reagan's personal urologist, and over the years he has used this diet to heal over 10,000 patients, with a 90% success rate.

In fact, it's so effective that according to this doctor, "it could put half the urologists in America out of business."

And all you have to do is make the three simple changes to what you eat that you'll find on page 96 of MAXIMUM MANHOOD.

What's more, as if getting rid of the pain of chronic prostatitis weren't enough, eliminating these foods has other health benefits as well. Unbelievable as it may seem, eliminating these foods can completely reverse:

  • Heartburn
  • Chronic headaches (even migraines)
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Chronic sinus conditions
  • Certain types of heart palpitations
  • Adult-onset asthma
  • Restless leg syndrome

So please, before a doctor talks you into drugs or surgery for chronic prostatitis (or tries to convince you to "just live with it") find out all about this incredible new breakthrough by requesting your no-risk trial copy of MAXIMUM MANHOOD right now.

That's where you'll also find...

  • The "magic wand" that enabled 96 percent of men to significantly reduce their prostatitis pain. Page 91.
  • Can stretching and massage really relieve prostatitis? Yes, says a study from Stanford University Medical Center. Works in as little as 6 days. Page 92.
  • Why what most doctors recommend about sexual activity for prostatitis is WRONG! Page 93.
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Rejuvenating testosterone levels ... stronger, longer-lasting erections ... real solutions to your prostate problems...

If you want to protect—or to reclaim—your sexual vitality and health, you can't afford to be without MAXIMUM MANHOOD. That's why I want to make the decision to try this book as easy as possible.

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New Breakthroughs for Prostate Cancer
Natural Alternatives to Chemotherapy, Radiation and
Surgery That Your Doctor Is Forbidden by
Law to Tell You About

"Your prostate cancer has spread to your bones," the doctors told Dr. Tony Sattilaro. "There's nothing we can do for you."

Tony was devastated—particularly by the doctors' hopeless attitude.

But soon afterwards, he happened to pick up some hitchhikers who changed his life.

They told him about a Japanese diet that actually fights prostate cancer. And even though Tony was a medical doctor, he was open minded enough to give it a try.

In just 21 days, he was feeling so much better that he threw away his painkillers.

Soon his energy returned and he felt healthier than he had in a long time.

A year later, the doctors were astonished to find that there was no sign of the cancer in his prostate—or anywhere else.

If you want to find out more about the diet that worked for Tony—and for thousands of others—you can read all about it on page 7 of your FREE gift, New Breakthroughs for Prostate Cancer

When men get prostate cancer, it seems as if the medical profession just can't wait to start cutting, poisoning and burning them (with surgery, chemotherapy and radiation).

But those may not always be your best options. Especially if you don't want to wind up impotent or incontinent.

If prostate cancer is even suspected, the doctors will almost surely want to do a biopsy—that is, stick a needle into your prostate and take out some samples to examine.

But that may not be such a good idea.

Not only do biopsies hurt, they can also cause bleeding and infection. Worst of all, they can actually spread the cancer.

Before you let them do any such sticking, I suggest you get this Special Report and check out two new non-invasive test alternatives that don't require any sticking or cutting whatsoever.

And some doctors say these new medical tests may be even better than a traditional biopsy.

With the incidence of prostate cancer on the rise (some are calling it an epidemic ) you need to arm yourself with the new research and prostate cancer breakthroughs that you're probably not being told about.

You're particularly on your own when it comes to natural, "alternative" treatments for prostate cancer. Because doctors are, by law, forbidden from telling you about non-medical alternatives.

New Breakthroughs for Prostate Cancer will get you up to speed fast. Just look:

  • The very first thing you should do for prostate cancer. Completely natural, costs nothing and you will feel better immediately. You can also use it to cut your risk of getting cancer by as much as half.
  • Why a PSA test may do you more harm than good. Plus ... a much better screening test that's 3 times as accurate.
  • When doing nothing about prostate cancer is your best option. Amazingly, this is the case 90% of the time. Find out how to tell whether or not it's one of those times.
  • The spice that caused 80% of human prostate cancer cells to self-destruct. Also clobbers high PSA counts. Confirmed by a UCLA medical school study.
  • The simple supplement that stops cancer cells from spreading. Available from most health food stores.
  • The liquid that literally starves cancer cells to death. The government's own National Cancer Institute found that it killed virtually 100% of cancer cells within 48 hours [they didn't report it, they tried to hide the results].
  • The simple protocol, developed by a 6-time Nobel Prize nominee, that makes cancer cells fall apart. The secret is two foods that trigger a flood of cancer-killing oxygen. Boasts a 90% success rate—including patients not helped by radiation and surgery.
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Beyond Saw Palmetto
Are Popular Drugs for Prostate Enlargement
Stealing Your Orgasm?

Here's another example of doctors not always knowing best.

Prostate enlargement (benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH) is a different problem than prostatitis, and is caused by your prostate growing larger as you age.

Unfortunately, an oversized prostate can cause problems with both urinary and sexual dysfunction.

If you have an enlarged prostate, your doctor will probably recommend some drugs or so-called "minimally invasive" surgery.

But he may not know about the shocking findings of an analysis by a team of university-based urologists. Their in-depth review of past studies blows the lid off the scandalous secret of how BPH drugs and surgery actually lead to sexual dysfunction.

Here's what they found:

  • Alpha-blockers like Flomax can cause "ejaculation disorders."
  • 5-alpha-reductace inhibitors (Avodart and Proscar) can cause "sexual desire impairment, erectile dysfunction and ejaculatory disorders."
  • Conventional and even "minimally invasive" and "innovative" surgical treatments (such as shrinking the prostate with microware radiation, radio waves or laser) "may induce both ejaculation problems and erectile dysfunction."

You should also know that drugs like Flomax, Avodart and Proscar don't just tend to reduce libido and worsen erectile dysfunction. They can also reduce or even eliminate the pleasurable sensations of orgasm. In high enough doses, they can even prevent a man from having an orgasm! And the effects can become permanent!

Fortunately, natural remedies come to the rescue once again!

These herbs and nutrients strengthen the prostate in addition to shrinking it. So they can not only reverse prostate enlargement but also help restore lost sexual function, boost libido and increase erectile strength. They can even reduce your risk of prostate cancer.

That's why you don't want to miss your second FREE Special Report—Beyond Saw Palmetto: The Latest Ways to Reverse an Enlarged Prostate—without Drugs or Surgery. It will give you the lowdown on the very best all-natural ways to reverse an enlarged prostate. And it's yours absolutely FREE with your copy of MAXIMUM MANHOOD.

Here's just some of what you'll find inside...

  • An extract of this prostate-shrinking herb works so well that it's marketed as a drug in France. Researchers were astonished to find that it worked just as well as Permixon® and Proscar® to decrease symptoms and increase the strength of urinary flow. And a U.S. study shows it has as few side effects as a harmless placebo!
  • The plant extract that blocks the hormone that triggers prostate enlargement. May also protect against prostate cancer.
  • The amazing flower pollen proven to improve urinary frequency, incomplete emptying, dribbling and weak flow. Researchers suspect it works by balancing male hormones, strengthening the muscles of the bladder, relaxing the urethra and reducing inflammation.
  • Detoxify your prostate! Toxins accumulating in your prostate can cause stress and inflammation, leading to swelling. But you'll discover a nutritional compound that safely removes up to 74% of harmful heavy metals and toxins from your body. Studies say it reduces the activity of prostate cancer cells and may slow cancer and stop it from spreading. Fights other cancers as well, including breast, colon, lung, pancreatic, ovarian and throat. And new research shows it may help arthritis, diabetes and heart disease.
  • How food can relieve your prostate symptoms. Includes a seed that works as well as drugs like Avodart and Flomax ... a juice that can halt enlargement in its tracks ... and a Thanksgiving treat found to "significantly" improve symptoms.
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Contaminated "Natural" Sex Supplements

WARNING: Do Not Take Any
Sexual Enhancement Supplement Until You Read This

If you're currently taking—or thinking about taking—any kind of a supplement to enhance your sexual performance, there's something you should know...

Just because it's labeled "all-natural" doesn't mean it is. In fact, that can be a deadly mistake.

Because the sad fact is: Many so-called "all-natural" sexual-enhancement supplements are secretly and illegally spiked with Viagra and other erectile dysfunction drugs.

In fact, one manufacturer of sexual health supplements confesses:

"We think there are more tainted products on the market than clean ones."

These doses of erectile dysfunction drugs hidden in natural supplements are dangerous in many ways.

Of course, you certainly don't ever want to unknowingly ingest dangerous prescription drugs—especially when you have no idea about the quantity or quality.

But equally dangerous is that these rogue erectile dysfunction drugs can interact with drugs that your doctor has prescribed. For example, combined with nitrate drugs for high blood pressure, they can trigger a potentially fatal pressure drop. (Many people who suffer from erectile dysfunction also suffer from high cholesterol, heart disease or diabetes, and are therefore prescribed nitrate drugs.)

Unauthorized drugs in natural supplements aren't the only problem. They can also be fake, misleadingly labeled and contain dangerous toxins.

So don't take chances. Get your FREE copy of Contaminated "Natural" Sex Supplements when you request your trial copy of MAXIMUM MANHOOD.

That's where you'll find ...

  • A list of supplements that have been found by the FDA to be contaminated. Some may still be on the shelves!
  • Red flags that signal that the "all natural" sexual-enhancement supplement you're about to take isn't all natural or safe.
  • What to look for on the label that tells you if a sexual enhancement supplement may be tainted.
  • How to avoid any type of supplement—sexual enhancement, weight loss or others—that is fake, spiked with drugs, misleadingly labeled or tainted with toxins.

Best of all, your FREE copy of Contaminated "Natural" Sex Supplements contains recommendations for products that have been tested and found free of contamination. So you can be sure you're getting supplements that are completely safe.

Plus, in both your risk-free copy of MAXIMUM MANHOOD and in your FREE Special Report, Beyond Saw Palmetto, you'll find recommended companies for every recommended supplement that you can be sure you can trust.

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Start Reading and Benefiting
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