...and more secrets for super potency,
sexual performance and prostate health!

If you're a man over 40 who's concerned about low testosterone... weak erections... an enlarged prostate...
or sexual health problems, I have some great news:

For the very first time, you can get an inside look at the newest sexual healing secrets of the world best anti-aging and men's natural health doctors such as...

  • Rocket your testosterone to TWICE its current level for great sex, stamina and strength. No doctors, shots or gels required.
  • The new antidote for soft erections. Natural pill shown in U. of Texas study to double levels of erection-hardening nitric oxide...
  • Twice as much sex thanks to a little-known nutrient—100% success rate treating erectile dysfunction without drugs...
  • Shrink a grapefruit size prostate back to normal. Plant-based miracle proven to work as well as prescription Proscar®, but without dangerous side effects..
  • Why a substance found in pumpkin is proven to be effective for treating BPH (enlarged prostate).
  • How Chinese men naturally skyrocket their testosterone and sexual prowess

Plus, find out why many of the medical establishment's conventional "solutions" for these problems are often big scams like these...

  • Scam No. 1: Testosterone shots or gels work miracles for sex & health woes
    Reality: Many are worthless due to weak dosages. Side effects? Breast AND prostate enlargement!
  • Scam No. 2: Erectile dysfunction drugs are "magic bullets" for great sex
    Reality: After taking them, you may still have no interest in sex!
  • Scam No. 3: After "non-invasive" prostate surgery, your life will be normal
    Reality: Your sex life may be wrecked, and you may have to wear diapers!
  • Scam No. 4: Drugs will shrink your prostate and cure urinary troubles
    Reality: These drugs can kill your sex drive, for good, even when you go
    off drugs!

Read on for much, much more!

No matter if the problem is prostate health, erectile dysfunction or low testosterone—Dr. Chris Meletis, top natural medicine expert, says men can take charge of their sexual health. He's one of more than 65 authorities featured in the new Special Report Maximum Manhood. Click the play button to watch his important message.

"Save your manhood, sexual pleasures,
prostate and your life with this Special Report!"
Author Bill Gottlieb, world-renowned health researcher
whose natural health books have sold over two million copies,
including the best-selling Alternative Cures.

If you want great sex...hard erections...super prostate health...ripped muscles...sky-high testosterone AND superior protection from memory loss, heart disease, stroke and premature death...

...then consider the life-changing "inside secrets" from the world's best doctors specializing in anti-aging and men's natural health.

These natural health pioneers (and their patients) are turning their backs on costly, often dangerous treatments and medications of the medical establishment that can leave you impotent and incontinent...

...and instead are enjoying GREAT sex, SUPERIOR prostate health and SKYROCKETING testosterone levels—safely, naturally and inexpensively.

I know this is true because I've personally interviewed them and heard their amazing stories. My name is Bill Gottlieb, and I'm an author of 11 best-selling natural health books that look beyond the obvious.

Now, for the very first time, the inside natural secrets of more than 65 of these doctors and other leading medical professionals are yours in the must-read Special Report I've just finished, Maximum Manhood.

As you're about to see, this exclusive new Special Report blows the lid off the men's sexual health arena and unlocks the secrets to mind-blowing sex... revved up testosterone...and extraordinary prostate health—at any age!

Let me start by revealing the truth about men's sexual health, especially...

The hushed up dangers of the $1.9 billion
erectile dysfunction money machine

According to medicinenet.com, more than 30 million U.S. men suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED).

The "solution" from the medical establishment? High-priced ED pills! In fact, the best selling ED pill racks up annual sales of a whopping $1.9 billion. It's like the big drug companies have discovered a printing press for money—with no limits!

But shocking new research reveals these ED drugs do absolutely nothing for boosting a lagging libido. And without a fired up sexual drive, it doesn't matter how well your "equipment" works—you won't be interested in sex.

What's more, these drugs have now been shown to cause serious new side effects.

For example, a recent study at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Department of Epidemiology, warns that ED drugs caused hearing impairment in one out of six men who take them.

This is on top of other severe side effects such as blurry or blue-tinged vision—even blindness... painful erections... erections that last for hours and may cause permanent damage to erectile tissue... tightness in the chest... numbness in an arm or leg... breathing difficulties... and even seizures.

But in my new special report, Maximum Manhood, you're going to discover how to safely combat ED and unleash the sexual power within you with secrets such as...

  • Longer lasting erections for pennies a day! Forget $10 per dose for ED drugs. A top doctor told me about a potent natural sex breakthrough. It costs about 6 cents a pill and works like magic for more pleasurable sex. Read all about it on page 78.
  • Twice as much sex with 100% success rate beating ED! This little-known, two-nutrient combo conquered ED in one month for all patients. Bonus: The number of times per week they had sex doubled. So effective, drug companies may want it banned. See page 76.
  • Frustrated by ED but wary of medications? This miracle nutrient derived from beets works exactly like ED medications. It boosts your nitric oxide levels for faster, harder erections—only without harmful side effects. Discover it on page 71.
  • South American superfood boosts sexual desire 64 percent! Shown in clinical studies to double erectile satisfaction in men with mild ED and supercharge libido. No wonder sales for this sex-supercharger have quadrupled in the past decade. Learn all about it on page 79.
  • Restore erection power! German study reveals that HALF of men suffering from ED got hard again with gingko. But not all ginkgo is alike. Discover the most potent form to take on page 82.
  • The hidden truth about ED: Nobel-prize winning discovery exposes why so many men ages 45-60 have erectile dysfunction. They're lacking a key molecule you MUST have for harder erections. Get the real story on page 62.
  • New remedy for the "bedroom wrecker." Journal of Sexual and Marital Therapy reports a nutritional supercharger restored normal erections in nine out of ten men ages 25-45 with ED problems. Surprising details, page 76.
  • Plus many more natural potency secrets for sizzling sex, yours only in the exclusive new Special Report, Maximum Manhood. To order, go here...

How effective are these secrets? Mark Clemens, a 63-year old health and fitness expert and author writes, "With my sex-enhancing regimen, I can perform sexually for 90 minutes a day if I want to—and I often do!" (See page 68.)

In addition, my new special report Maximum Manhood gives you the real story behind...

The Testosterone Trap that Leaves Millions of U.S.
Men Over 40 LIMP,

You know about testosterone, but you've likely only heard HALF the story. Maximum Manhood gives you the lowdown on "T" you need for sizzling sex, endless energy, stronger muscles, super memory and a longer life!

Do you have low testosterone? Here's a quick self-test called the The ADAM Questionnaire (stands for "androgen deficiency in the aging male"):

  1. Do you have a decrease in libido (sex drive)?
  2. Do you have a lack of energy?
  3. Do you have a decrease in strength and/or endurance?
  4. Have you lost height?
  5. Have you noticed a decreased "enjoyment of life"?
  6. Are you sad and/or grumpy?

(See page 25 of Maximum Manhood for the rest of this quick quiz)

Shockingly, as many as HALF of all men in their 60s and 70s have low testosterone—yet many doctors ignore this problem.

When you consider how many U.S. men are suffering, it comes close to malpractice for doctors to ignore declining hormone levels in men!

Why is testosterone so vital for your sex life and health? Because...

Low T means you have a 43 percent higher risk of dying of any cause—based on a study of 900 men. You'll find the details on page 6 of my new Special Report, Maximum Manhood. Plus low T can mean...

  • Failure to launch: Center of Sexual Function reports low T is directly linked to erectile dysfunction, page 14 of Maximum Manhood.
  • Four times greater risk of heart disease. University of Tokyo study, details on page 10 of Maximum Manhood.
  • 88 percent higher risk of hip fractures. Shocking Swiss study, page 13.
  • 2.5 times the risk of diabetes. Shocking results of Spanish study of 282 men, page 11.
  • Stiffer, less flexible arteries, says European Journal of Endocrinology, page 10
  • 99 percent greater risk of stroke according to three-year Australian study, page 10

More important, Maximum Manhood will help you sort through the myths, mis-information and hype about testosterone and show you...

The best, natural ways to
send your testosterone through the roof!

What's the medical establishment's answer for low testosterone? You guessed it: Costly injections, patches, gels, creams or pellets that can set you back as much as $500 a month.

Worse, the Mayo Clinic warns testosterone therapy can cause your body to make too many red blood cells, increasing your risk of heart disease... enlarge your prostate and your breasts (yes, "man boobs")... contribute to sleep apnea... or cause your testes to shrink.

So before you consider traditional testosterone-boosting options, you need to read Maximum Manhood and...

  • Discover the biggest downside of testosterone shots. Most doctors won't tell you. It can damage your heart by causing this deficiency, page 33.
  • Learn what big drug companies hope you never know about T-gels. Most are worthless because they only give you 1-2% testosterone, far below what you actually need to raise T in your body. See how much you really need on page 30.
  • Avoid the WRONG kind of testosterone therapy. Get the inside story about unreported problems on page 33.
  • Read why the single best type of testosterone therapy is not what most doctors prescribe. Get this super potent form instead (10-20 times more powerful) from a specialized pharmacy, reports the noted M.D./director of Preventive Medical Clinics of the Desert. See how to find a pharmacy in your area, page 30.
  • Get the scoop: All testosterone therapy is not alike. If you are going to take T, make sure it's in this natural form that mimics your body's own testosterone, page 35.

Even better, you're going to discover nature's most potent secrets for skyrocketing your testosterone without a doctor's help. Try these tips...

  • How Chinese men naturally boost T levels and sexual prowess. This ancient secret of Traditional Chinese Medicine releases the powerful, active male animal in you. Find the best source to buy on page 40.
  • Want to double your testosterone naturally without shots or gels? Powerful medicinal mushroom and mineral combination works like magic -- and fast, too! Learn the secret from an acupuncturist and registered herbalist. Page 41.
  • Find out about the miracle mineral for more T. Author of The Testosterone Factor reveals why this low cost mineral is essential if you want high T production. Levels are shockingly low in men with weak T. Read about it on page 40.
  • Discover how to boost your testosterone while you sleep. Effortless way to help your body naturally increase T. This herbal secret sparks production of dopamine, which your body needs to release more T. See page 46.
  • Learn the simple deep-breathing secret that powers up your T levels. From Stanford University medical experts. Takes as little as five minutes a day. Details, page 54.
  • What are the two best weight-training drills to rocket your T level? You'll be surprised by the answer on page 50.
  • How to jumpstart your testosterone by 50 percent! This botanic breakthrough raises your T and lowers DHT (the male hormone that causes baldness and prostate problems). From the Journal of International Society of Sports Nutrition. See page 43.
  • And dozens more easy, safe, low-cost (or free) ways to naturally boost your testosterone. Includes best brands to buy and where you can get them—you'll find this valuable info on page 48. To order, click here...

How effective are these testosterone boosters? Just ask Jon Roxarzade, D.D.S. This Beverly Hills dentist, in his own words, "lost the luster of life" because of low testosterone. But he found it again with testosterone treatments! Within six months, his body fat fell from 28 to 17 percent... he lost 45 pounds... felt stronger... revived his sex drive... and felt better than when he was 18. See his story on page 15.

If that's not enough, Maximum Manhood also...

Rips the veil off the big prostate con job

If you think ED and low testosterone are big health problems for men, wait till you see the latest findings on enlarged prostates. Shocking!

Did you know that one out of every two men in America will likely suffer from a prostate infection in his life? In fact, prostate infections (known as "prostatitis") are the No. 1 reason men under age 50 visit a urologist.

And if you have this problem, you'll feel it! It could be pain when you urinate. Discomfort during sex when you ejaculate. Sore testicles. Even feeling like there's a golf ball stuck in your rectum. Ouch!

What does the medical establishment offer to help? Expensive, invasive treatments that often don't work...cause nasty side effects...or leave you permanently damaged. Just consider that doctors may...

  • Give you antibiotics or even inject your prostate with antibiotics. But large clinical trials sponsored by the National Institutes of Health have shown antibiotics don't work for chronic prostate infections.
  • Inject botox into your anal sphincter to relax it. You know botox is from the "botulism toxin" produced by a bacterium. Enough said.
  • Cut out your prostate. For an infection?
  • Cut off a testicle. Talk about medical mayhem!

But the great news is that my new Special Report Maximum Manhood reveals the secrets for prostate health revealed by America's best anti-aging and men's natural health doctors, including...

Drug- and surgery-free remedies for an infected,
swollen prostate that work like magic

These include...

  • Banish prostate infections, safely and naturally, with the Stanford Protocol (developed at Stanford Medical School). Has an amazing success rate working for seven out of every ten men. Get the inside story on page 87.
  • Secret discovery by President Kennedy's doctor that stops prostate infection pain fast. No drugs needed. Just a steady massage. Directions, page 91.
  • Ease a swollen prostate by simply avoiding these three types of inflammation-causing foods. Remarkable 87 percent success rate at curing prostatitis. See page 96 for the untold story.
  • Suffering from urinary problems, prostate infections or pain while ejaculating? Maybe you just need to relax! Solve all three problems with this doctor's unique relaxation technique found on page 92.
  • The hidden cause of prostate infections most men and many doctors miss. Has nothing to do with your prostate and everything to do with your pelvic muscles. Surprising findings on page 92.
  • 10,000 men enjoy secret of prostate healing. Finally, relief from painful urination and discomfort—safely and naturally—with prostate healing foods. See page 99.
  • The amazing prostate-healing food trick that is so effective for treating chronic prostate infections it may put HALF of all U.S. urologists out of business! Discover it on page 98.
  • Plus many more simple, yet proven natural secrets for easing and eliminating painful prostate infections. To order, go here...

Special Alert to Men: Prostate drugs may cause you
permanent damage!

Because so many U.S. men suffer from enlarged prostate (known as Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia or BPH), millions are taking drugs to reduce their prostates and ease urinary problems.

But be warned: These drugs have been found to cause permanent damage!

For example, they can reverse or eliminate the pleasure of orgasms and even prevent you from having any orgasm at all!

European Urology reports that popular prostate "alpha blocking drugs" can cause ejaculation disorders.

And a new study just published in the Journal of Sex Medicine reports the side effects of 5α-Reductase Inhibitors include "persistent diminished libido and erectile dysfunction and depression." Imagine having sexual problems AND depression.

But now, you can discover new natural secrets from leading anti-aging and men's health doctors in a Special Report: Beyond Saw Palmetto: Best Ways to Beat Enlarged Prostate Naturally, a $7.95 value, but yours FREE when you order Maximum Manhood within 24 hours.

In Beyond Saw Palmetto: Best Ways to Beat Enlarged Prostate Naturally, you'll discover...

  • The plant powerhouse that shrinks a swollen prostate as effectively as prescription Proscar! Both decrease BPH symptoms by 35 percent and increase urinary flow by 25 percent. But this natural secret also improves sexual function.
  • Slow the growth of your prostate? How about reverse it? Nutrient combo based on Traditional Chinese Medicine works wonders.
  • Fearful of prostate cancer? Fiber discovered in certain fruits slows the progression of cancerous cells.
  • British Journal of Urology hails breakthrough found in pumpkin seeds, beta sitosterol, as an "Effective treatment for BPH." But you must take this dosage.
  • Prescription Flomax your only choice for enlarged prostate? Not so fast! Special form of flaxseed decreases prostate symptoms just as well as this best-selling drug, but more safely.
  • Naturopathic doctor/urology expert reveals his super prostate formula. 12 of the best nutrients in the world in one formula for reducing enlarged prostate and easing urinary woes.
  • Cranberry juice to calm an overactive bladder? Be warned. 75 percent of cranberry supplements are "junk" warns scientist at Rutgers University. But three products make the grade.
  • Make a beeline for this prostate remedy. The pollen from this flower doubled improvement in men with enlarged prostates vs. the placebo.
  • And many more safe, all natural secrets to shrinking an enlarged prostate and quelling urinary problems, yours FREE!

But hurry—order within 24 hours to claim it.
Click to order now...

And do you want to know easy, natural ways to cure enlarged prostate or BPH? Hold on! I've got the ultimate information source on that. I'll explain in a minute.

But do these natural prostate remedies really work? David W., a Ph.D. medical researcher, swears by them. For more than 20 years he was haunted by the agony of a malfunctioning prostate: Severe rectal pain, frequent need to urinate and discomfort having sex. Now, he's completely cured! Read his remarkable healing journey on page 86.

But that's not all. Maximum Manhood also reveals doctors' little known secrets that will help you...

Avoid the sexual pitfalls that plague so many men...
and save yourself money and time while you're at it!

No other Special Report available today gives you an A-Z guide to natural secrets for great sex, sky-high sexual pleasures, soaring testosterone, a super-healthy prostate and optimal, all-around sexual health. In fact, you'll be among the first to discover...

  • The four hidden factors that drop your level of testosterone like a rock. Avoid ominous changes in your body most men ignore. See page 2.
  • The amino acid aphrodisiac! Simple supplement sparks the creation of erection-hardening nitric oxide in your body. Same thing the ED drugs do, but safely and at a fraction of the cost. Details on page 68.
  • Learn what a Harvard M.D. says is the best single test to see if you have low testosterone. Get the full story on page 27.
  • How President Reagan's urologist cured thousands of men who suffered from prostate problems... with just a few, simple food secrets. Turn to page 95.
  • The liquid "male tonic" that sends your T levels soaring! Superior to capsules due to increased absorbability. See page 44.
  • The fun secret for raising "T". Have more sex! See page 53 to find out how much more sex you should have each week!
  • The "good" fats that harden erections. Say good-bye to limp erections the safe, natural and delicious way. See page 62.
  • Suffering from frequent nighttime urination wakeups? Cut your risk nearly in half with this testosterone secret. Japanese study of 52 men proves it. See page 17.
  • Is testosterone treatment from doctors safe? Startling findings from The Mayo Clinic you must read before you decide. Find out on page 19.
  • What to do for severe erectile dysfunction. This secret from nature's pharmacy works for even hopeless cases! Learn all about it on page 79.
  • Men's sex alert: Popular anti-depressants can douse your sex drive. But a legendary sex-enhancing root "significantly improves" libido says Harvard study. See page 79.
  • The real story about sex supplements. Don't be fooled! Hidden health risks of yohimbe that vitamin companies don't tell you. Page 82.
  • Is your sperm count low? Journal of Urology recommends a vitamin-like nutrient that increases sperm naturally. Details, page 101.
  • Andrologia journal reveals natural plant extract raises testosterone in nine out of ten men with low T. You can bet big drug companies don't want you to know about it. Page 44.
  • Prostate infection pain remedy! Achieves a 96% success rate by pressing "trigger points." Page 91.
  • Plus, much, much more that can shift your sex drive into fifth gear... ease a swollen or enlarged prostate...boost your testosterone...and give you superior sexual health—all without drugs or harmful surgery. To order, go here...

And if that's not enough, Maximum Manhood also...

Bill Gottlieb, author, Maximum Manhood

  • One of the nation's most experienced and respected authors and experts in natural health and nutritional healing
  • Author of ten natural health books that have sold over two million copies, including the best-selling Alternative Cures
  • Author of hundreds of articles for national publications such as Prevention, Reader's Digest, Self, Men's Health, Natural Solutions and Bottom Line Personal and Bottom Line Health.
  • Certified as a holistic coach by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

I wrote Maximum Manhood for many of my male friends over age 40...and for me!

This is the Special Report for every man over 40 who's interested in great sex, a healthy prostate, a high testosterone level and super health.

When I told my male friends I was working on a natural health Special Report focusing on men's potency, prostate and sexual health, every one of them said, "I want a copy."

Why? Because so many men are in the dark about men's sexual health issues. And they don't trust the medical establishment.

Even though I've been writing books about natural health for more than 20 years, what I discovered researching and writing this Special Report shocked me.

When I talked to many of the anti-aging doctors featured in this Special Report...I uncovered a story NOT being told today: There are many new safe and all-natural treatments, remedies and cures for erectile dysfunction, low libido, an enlarged prostate, urinary problems, low testosterone and other men's sexual health woes.

This Special Report, for the first time, gives you an "inside look" at what these doctors and their patients use for great sex, sky-high testosterone and super prostate health. I urge you to get a copy today. Click here to order now...

Partial list of doctors and natural health specialists featured in Maximum Manhood...

Chris Meletis, N.D., Executive Director of the Institute for Healthy Aging, author of Change of Life: Male Menopause and Healthy Aging with Testosterone

Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D., holistic physician, author of Real Cause, Real Cure

Neil Rouzier, M.D., Director of Preventive Medical Clinics of the Desert in Palm Springs, author of How to Achieve Healthy Aging: Why Everyone Should Replace Hormones

Rhett Jabour, M.D., Medical Director of the Southwest Liposculpture & Anti Aging Center in El Paso, TX

Craig Koniver, M.D., Medical Director of Organic Medicine Now, in South Carolina

Edgar Weinsberg, PhD, a retired rabbi, gerontologist, sex educator, and author of Conquer Prostate Cancer: How Medicine, Faith, Love and Sex Can Renew Your Life

Robert Linde is an acupuncture physician and registered herbalist, and founder and president of Acupuncture and Herbal Therapies, in St. Petersburg, Florida

Ray Sahelian, MD, is the author of Natural Sex Boosters: Supplements that Enhance Stamina, Sensation, and Sexuality for Men and Women and many other books

Donald R. Yance Jr., MH, CN, RH (AHG), is a master herbalist and nutritionist, author of Herbal Medicine, Healing and Cancer, and founder and director of the Centre for Natural Healing, in Ashland, Oregon. 

Bob Demaria, DC, is a chiropractor in Elyria, Ohio, and author of Men's Health: The Basics.

Harry Preuss, MD, CNS, is a professor of physiology, medicine and pathology at Georgetown University Medical Center, a certified nutrition specialist, and author of The Natural Fat-Loss Pharmacy

And more than 50 other leading natural health doctors and anti-aging specialists...

Click here to order now...

Names names, identifies best products and

Not only will you get the truth about reversing ED, skyrocketing your testosterone, banishing prostate problems and optimizing your sexual health from the leading anti-aging/men's natural health doctors in America. You'll also learn how to use this knowledge with...

  • Specific brands, websites or contact information for ordering nature's most powerful potency pills, testosterone boosters or prostate remedies, page 74.
  • Save big bucks and get the most accurate tests for low testosterone. Low cost blood test now available directly to consumers. Order the test yourself, without a doctor and save a bundle! Get the website address, page 29.
  • Suffering from low T and looking for a doctor to help? Best, most reliable sources to find a hormone-savvy doctor in your area. List, page 38.
  • Plus success stories from men all across America who've used these secrets to overcome ED, prostate cancer, low T, low libido and other common men's sexual problems. Click here to order now...

Even better...

Maximum Manhood is now available to you
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You can receive this just released Special Report as a digital download. That means you can start reading it in just a few minutes from now and save shipping & handling to boot.

Even better, if you order Maximum Manhood in the next 24 hours, you'll receive two FREE Special Report Bonuses:

FREE BONUS if you order fast!
FREE Special Report No. 1:
Beyond Saw Palmetto:
Best Ways to Beat
Enlarged Prostate Naturally
a $7.95 value, yours FREE!

Four out of every five men will suffer from an enlarged prostate and urinary problems. But the medical establishment's "solutions"—including drugs, radiation, radio waves, lasers and surgery—may cause ejaculation problems, erectile dysfunction, and elimination of orgasm pleasure!

Worst of all, many men report they don't get back their ability to have and enjoy sex even after they stop taking the BPH drugs. The damage is permanent!

This must-read Special Report reveals the best and safest ways for you to shrink an enlarged prostate and ease or even eliminate urinary problems caused by Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia or BPH.

You'll discover how to...

  • Ease a swollen prostate, improve five biggest urinary problems AND get harder erections. It's all possible with this herbal miracle.
  • Stop prostate enlargement in its tracks. German scientists report amazing results with substance found in a common vegetable!
  • Reverse the hidden cause of enlarged prostate most doctors miss. This special fiber found in fruit deactivates the problem and heals your prostate.
  • Restore healthy urine flow. Four studies of 500 men prove this botanical breakthrough improves urinary symptoms and increases urine flow in men with prostate problems.
  • Banish prostate problems for good. The garlic and onion secret that relieves prostate troubles.
  • Shrink a dangerously enlarged prostate back to normal. Doctor's best natural secrets.
  • And much, much more, yours FREE!

FREE BONUS if you order fast!
FREE Special Report No. 2:
Contaminated "Natural" Sex Supplements,
a $7.95 value, yours FREE!

This eye-opening special report reveals the shocking list of over 100 natural sex products laced with ED drugs, according to the FDA. Must reading for any man taking a natural sex booster. Discover...

  • Why the FDA warns that many "all natural" sex enhancement supplements are spiked with Viagra and other ED drugs.
  • Warning: Hidden ED drugs in natural sex supplements can cause a dangerous (even fatal) drop in your blood pressure.
  • "Better than Viagra"? Four red flags that a natural sex product may not be safe to buy.
  • Six natural sex-enhancing supplements that are safe, effective and free of ED drugs. Shown to work in scientific studies and endorsed by best natural doctors in US.
  • The website that reveals which natural sex products deliver ingredients on the labels and which are rip-offs.
  • And much, much more, yours FREE!

Taking a natural sex supplement or thinking about it?
Read this first...

Shockingly, the FDA has recently reported that over 100 natural sex-enhancing products are secretly laced with erectile dysfunction drugs.

You might be thinking you're taking something "natural." But the truth is some vitamin companies are adding ED drugs to their supplements to improve sexual performance.

But be warned: These added ED drugs have many serious side effects that can leave you with painful erections, blurry vision, tightness in the chest, numbness in an arm or leg, breathing difficulties, seizures and even hearing problems!

Find out which natural sex boosters are tainted with ED drugs in your FREE Special Report: Contaminated" Natural" Sex Supplements. It's a $7.95 value, yours FREE, when you purchase Maximum Manhood within 24 hours.

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A no-risk, 60-day, unconditional
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When you order the just-released Maximum Manhood plus your two FREE Bonus Special Reports: Beyond Saw Palmetto: Best Ways to Beat Enlarged Prostate Naturally and Contaminated "Natural" Sex Supplements, you'll have a full 60 days to read this information, use it and evaluate it.

That's right: You have 60 daysto decide whether or not it's worth the modest price of $19.95.

You'll never find a better money-back guarantee!

You'll discover that Maximum Manhood delivers everything mentioned above—and much, much more—all to help power up your sex life...boost your testosterone...and keep your prostate and urinary functions healthy. If not, you'll get a prompt, cheerful refund—no questions asked. You don't have to return the Special Report. Plus you get to keep your two FREE Bonus Gifts to boot.

What could be fairer or less risky than that?

Don't suffer a day longer.
Maximize your manhood!

No other Special Report available today gives you the natural healing secrets for men's sexual health—from over 65 of the world's leading anti-aging doctors.

No other Special Report takes you inside their private, confidential world—revealed exclusively to me in in-depth interviews, phone calls and emails—to show you the very same potency, testosterone and prostate secrets they use for their patients and themselves.

And no other Special Report gives you the specific product brands and names to buy for great sex, high "T" and a super-healthy prostate...specific sources to contact to locate a hormone-savvy doctor in your area or to take the appropriate medical test to measure your testosterone...and a step-by-step guide to maximize your sexual health.

Don't settle for low libido, weak erections, tired body, a burnt out feeling, memory loss, a weak heart, premature aging—or premature death.

Feel (and perform) like you did 20 years ago in the bedroom—or better! Re-ignite your sex drive. Pee like a teenager again. Feel strong and confident once more. Maximize your manhood!

Order Maximum Manhood today simply by clicking here.

Yours for great health,

Bill Gottlieb, Author, Maximum Manhood
and best-selling author of ten other books that
have sold over 2,000,000 copies

P.S. Don't forget. Order Maximum Manhood within the next 24 hours and claim two FREE Special Reports: FREE Special Report No. 1: Beyond Saw Palmetto: Best Ways to Beat Enlarged Prostate Naturally and FREE Special Report No. 2: Contaminated "Natural" Sex Supplements, each valued at $7.95.

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