Dear friend,

    Alan G.’s life changed the day he discovered The Secret of Strong, Confident Men. This financial industry consultant found it three years ago, and now he says, “I’d recommend it to other men in a heartbeat.”

    But what made him go look for The Secret in the first place? Keep reading, because Alan’s story may be a lot like yours.

    “I was sluggish,” he says. “Where before, I had always seemed to want to get up and do, now it was easier to stay on the couch and watch TV than it was to get up and go places and see people. I just wanted to rest. And that’s not me.”

    There were problems in the bedroom, too. Alan talked to his doctor about a prescription for erectile dysfunction. “Now, don’t get me wrong – the equipment worked,” he says. “But it seemed to take forever to get there. And it wasn’t as hard as it had been when I was younger.”

    But a drug for erectile dysfunction wouldn’t do much for what was bothering Alan. You see. . .

Alan just wasn’t the guy he used to be

    “I own my own business, and it was getting harder to get out of bed and get started in the morning. I’d never had that problem before.”

    “And I started to gain weight in my belly. I had to go buy clothes in extra sizes.”

    “I said to myself, ‘Come on, what’s happening here?’”

    Alan asked his doctor what was going on. And fortunately his doc was one of the few who check male patients to see if they’re running low on The Secret of Strong, Confident Men. Alan’s blood test was extremely low – low enough to be life threatening, as I’ll explain in a minute.

    Alan’s doctor gave him a prescription for The Secret of Strong, Confident Men. A prescription is a good way to go – but, as I’ll show you in the next few minutes, you can also raise your levels naturally, at home, without a prescription.

    You can even test yourself at home to see if you need The Secret of Strong, Confident Men. If you’re over 40, it’s just about a sure thing you do.

So what IS The Secret of Strong, Confident Men?!!

    The Secret of Confident Men is testosterone – or “T” as it’s often called. There’s an epidemic of low “T” in our society, and it doesn’t just take the fun out of life. . .

    It also puts your life in danger because low T levels are associated with four times the risk of heart disease, two times the risk of stroke, and almost twice the danger of getting diabetes.

    But that’s not all. Low testosterone is also associated with obesity, enlarged prostate, memory loss and even Alzheimer’s. . .and with a greater risk of hip fractures as you age.

    So it’s not just about a great sex life, high energy and a happy mood (although testosterone can give you all those things). It’s a matter of life and death.

About 4 guys out of 10 have levels so low
their lives may be at risk

    That’s according to a University of Florida study of more than 2,000 men.

    What these researchers called a “low” level was really low! A healthy level is at least two times the cutoff point used in this study.

    The real story is that MOST men over 40 don’t have the testosterone levels they need to be healthy. And more than just healthy – to be the men they want to be.

    We asked Dr. R., a top expert on The Secret of Strong, Confident Men. He told us, “So-called ‘normal’ for a middle-aged or older man is detrimental to his health and wellbeing – normal is the level where middle-aged men fall apart!”

    You want to be way above normal when you get tested for T.

    According to a top doctor who’s at the frontier of research on this, if you want to enjoy life to the full, your level should be about as high as it was in your twenties!

    And I can guarantee you it isn’t.

    Remember, very few doctors will test you for testosterone. And even if they do, they probably won’t know how to read the results right.

This is new, cutting edge science,
and most doctors aren’t up to speed on it!

    This is a case where you have to tell your doctor you want this test, and why you want him to prescribe T. (In fact, you can order a test yourself over the Internet. More about this in a minute.)

    I’m going to explain how you can find out everything you need to know. . .

    So you won’t have to wait five or ten years for this life-changing, life-saving breakthrough to trickle down to neighborhood doctors.

How did the Secret of Strong,
Confident Men work for Alan? Wow!

    Alan raves about testosterone. “After a year I was feeling much better. I felt stronger and more alive. My sense of wellbeing returned. I wanted to do things, rather than avoiding them. As for my sex life? Well, when you feel better, you naturally want to have more sex. And now I can!”

    “I feel better most days than I did when I was 30. What guy wouldn’t want that?”

    You WANT higher testosterone because you’ll have more energy than a 20-year-old and a sex drive that will make your wife wonder what on earth happened. Up your “T” levels and you’ll forget you ever felt tired or had the blues.

    Those are all good reasons you WANT testosterone.

    But you NEED testosterone because it will protect you against the top killer diseases. It will help keep you in tip-top shape for years to come. . .while men with low testosterone are camped out on the couch in front of the TV for good, halfway to a nursing home.

But wait! Don’t run off to a doctor yet!

    Now, if you’re ready to dash off to your doctor to get a testosterone prescription, hold on just a minute! There’s a whole bunch of things you need to know. . .because most doctors don’t.

  • What’s the right level of testosterone for a man your age?

  • What’s the best blood test to find out if you need testosterone?

  • What’s the best form of testosterone to take?

  • Is testosterone safe? Are there any side effects?

  • Can you raise your T levels yourself, without a prescription? Yes, you can, but few doctors know how.

    You might think doctors learn this stuff the first year of medical school, but they don’t. The idea of prescribing testosterone is brand new. The studies that answer these questions are just coming out, and the answers haven’t trickled down yet to most doctors.

    It will take years for that to happen.

    The only “education” most doctors are receiving about testosterone is from drug companies. And all a drug company is interested in is getting your doctor to prescribe the type of testosterone they make. . .

    . . .which it just so happens is NOT the best form of testosterone for you, as our extensive research and investigation found out.

    Surprising new studies from Harvard Medical School, the Mayo Clinic and other top institutions have made most of what your doctor “knows” about testosterone obsolete!

    Stay with me and I’ll tell you the best form of prescription testosterone. This is hot information you’re not likely to see anywhere else.

    The best form is not one of the T products that are being advertised like crazy on national TV and radio. It’s only available from certain pharmacies – for a fraction of the price of the heavily advertised brands. And if you’d prefer to avoid prescriptions – I’ve got more good news. . .

How to DOUBLE your testosterone
naturally –
and much, much more!

    If natural health is your thing, I’ll also tell you how to increase your T levels without a prescription! One of these natural secrets doubles a man’s testosterone level as proven by before-and-after blood tests. All it takes is two safe ingredients – zinc and a certain mushroom extract.

    How do I know all this? My name is Lee Euler. I’ve been writing about health for 19 years, and for the last 7 years I’ve owned my own company that publishes health books. We’ve sold hundreds of thousands of books. What’s more, my team has acquired a reputation for being the first to publish information almost no one has ever heard before.

    My company was the first to publicize a breakthrough cancer treatment called full-body hyperthermia. It’s curing so-called “hopeless” cancer patients in Germany but is almost totally unknown in the U.S.

    And we published news of an incredible treatment, derived from jellyfish, that reverses Alzheimer’s. This treatment has given back a normal life to people who couldn’t even recognize their own children anymore. In five or ten years, it will be used by everyone who suffers from a failing memory. For now, it’s our exclusive scoop.

    We also published a breakthrough treatment for enlarged prostate or BPH. No drugs, no supplements -- just two or three trips to a doctor’s office and the problem is gone for good. It’s only available in Europe and my guess is it will be ten years before American doctors catch on.

    So what I’m telling you here about testosterone is known to only a few top doctors and research scientists who are on the frontier of T research.

    We interviewed them in depth and you can see what they have to say in a new Special Report called Maximum Manhood – Sexual Healing Secrets and Anti-Aging Breakthroughs. It was written by Bill Gottlieb, a best-selling health expert who’s written eleven books that have sold millions of copies.

    Bill personally interviewed more than 65 of the world’s best doctors specializing in anti-aging medicine and men’s natural health. Now, for the very first time, the natural secrets of these leading medical professionals are yours in the must-read Special Report Bill just finished, Maximum Manhood –Sexual Healing Secrets and Anti-Aging Breakthroughs.

    These natural health pioneers (and their patients) are enjoying the energy, confidence and all-around bounce they knew in their twenties. . .not to mention great sex, super prostate health, ripped muscles AND superior protection from memory loss, heart disease and premature death. . .

Imagine what your life will be like when you get
your testosterone back where it should be. . .

    You have so much energy you can’t wait to get up and do things. Your feet hit the floor in the morning and you’re ready to go!

    You don’t drag yourself through your work day anymore. It goes by fast, it seems like you accomplish twice as much – and it’s actually fun!

    You practically never forget anything.

    People like to be around you because you’re happy, you’re full of energy and you’re quick with a joke. It’s like you’re the sun and they want to warm themselves in your glow!

    You’ve shed some pounds and your muscles are strong and firm. You can lift things that would have given you a problem not so long ago – and it’s not because you exercise more.

    You don’t have any little jobs around the house that need to get done – you knocked them all out in one weekend! And now you’re looking for more. You’re wife wonders what on earth happened – and that’s not the only reason she wonders. . .

    . . .because you’re having sex more often than you did 15 years ago! And it’s better, more satisfying sex, too!

You WILL see and feel an
amazing turnaround in your vitality--
But only because you read Maximum Manhood
and avoided the following pitfalls. . .

    When Bill Gottlieb was writing Maximum Manhood, he went looking for the truth about testosterone. It’s a lot different from what the typical doctor thinks. And for sure it’s different from what drug companies want you to think.

    If you want to enjoy the full benefit of the latest medical discoveries about male sexual health, start with this one. . .

Doctors use the WRONG test for testosterone!

    I bet your doctor has never tested your testosterone levels. He probably won’t unless you ask him to. And if he DOES, more than likely he’ll use the wrong test.

    You see, there are two ways to measure testosterone. Most doctors run a test for something called “total testosterone” – and they’re making a total mistake. It’s the wrong test. They’re using the wrong measure when it comes to determining if your testosterone level is dangerously low.

    Page 26 of our new Special Report Maximum Manhood describes the right test and where to get it. You need to get this chapter and show it to your doctor because he has a couple of options to choose from -- and one of them is a lot better than the other.

    Better yet, you can order your own test through the Internet and that way you make sure you get the right one. Everything you need is on page 29 of our new Special Report Maximum Manhood.

    Can these tips really change your life? Just ask one of the guys Bill Gottlieb interviewed when he was writing this report. To protect his privacy, I’ll just call him Russell. . .

The benefits have been fantastic”

    “The immediate benefits of using T – even though I see them as the icing on the cake – have been fantastic,” declares Russell. “My health, endurance and sense of wellbeing have jumped since starting T therapy.

    “My sex drive returned, too. For a while, I would do without sex for two or three weeks, and it didn’t bother me. Now, I feel like a teenager – I’m much more interested in sex.”

    “But,” he says, “I didn’t start it for sexual reasons. I did it for better health and to stay alive longer, because I know that men with low T levels are at greater risk for heart disease, diabetes, and prostate cancer. I’m 67, with a 16-year-old daughter. I want to see her dance at her wedding, and I want to see my grandchildren.”

    The benefits of testosterone just go on and on, according to Russell. “Before I started T, I almost gave up teaching seminars because my energy level was so low. But when I taught last July, after several months on T, I was so energized my teaching style had actually changed.

    “I was no longer teaching sitting down—I was up, gesturing, animated – and much more interesting to the people in my classes!

    “I even look better,” he adds. “I look in my mirror and say to myself. . .

“There’s the young guy I used to know!”

    Russell has lots of company. Among men who have tried testosterone, the thing you hear most often is, “I feel like myself again!”

    Erectile dysfunction, lack of energy, sour mood, lack of muscle strength, the spare tire around the middle. . .don’t be fooled about what’s happening to you!

    “It’s not aging. It’s really a hormone deficiency and it’s treatable.” That’s what a member of the Harvard Medical School faculty told Bill. You’ll meet him in Maximum Manhood and get his take, along with more than 65 other top experts.

    Leading doctors have actually developed a little ten-question quiz you can take to see if you have low T – before you go spend any money on a blood test. You’ll find the quiz on page 25 of Maximum Manhood. If you answer “yes” to questions 1 or 7, or to any other 3 questions, THEN you’ll know it’s time for a blood test.

    If you follow the advice in Maximum Manhood, you’ll be sure to get the RIGHT test, too. So what then?

Once you’ve had the right blood test,
here’s how to use it

    Once you’ve had the right test and you know your testosterone level, how can you tell if it’s too low?

    Most doctors are getting that wrong, too. If you’ve ever had a blood test for anything, you may know that the labs compare your level to the “normal range” for someone your age.

    Where do the labs get that “normal range”? They just look at the averages for all the people they’ve tested. If the average testosterone or “T” level for men in Biloxi, Mississippi is 250. . .and your level is 250. . .then the Biloxi blood test lab will tell your doctor your T level is “normal.” And that’s what your doctor will tell you.

    The trouble is, a T level of 250 means you’ve got one foot in the grave and you better make sure your will is up to date!

    I kid you not. This is actually how blood testing works, all over the United States. Unhealthy, life-threatening levels of testosterone are being passed off as “normal” because EVERYONE in town has a low level!

    This is one case where being “normal” is bad for your health. It’s like teenagers telling their parents it’s okay to drink and drive because everyone else is doing it!

    If your doctor is just doing what all the other doctors do, watch out.

    Chapter 5 of Maximum Manhood reveals what’s really a healthy testosterone level. It’s at least double what most doctors call “normal” in middle-aged men – and according to the experts Bill Gottlieb interviewed, a healthy level is THREE TIMES what most doctors would call normal!

    “It depends on the guy,” one of our top experts told us. But the short version is this: The right testosterone level for you is the level you enjoyed as a young man!

Top doctor reams out the medical profession
for putting out lousy, out-of-date information

    Instead of doing what everybody else does, Bill Gottlieb, the author of Maximum Manhood, talked to a doctor who actually knows something about T. I’ll call him Dr. R. You’ll meet him and get all his contact information in the Special Report.

    Dr. R. is the director of a major clinic and the author of a book on testosterone therapy . He’s been studying and prescribing hormone therapy for nearly two decades. He’s treated thousands of men with T therapy.

    PLUS – get this -- he’s trained more than 5,000 other doctors in the most advanced, high-tech secrets of T therapy. After you read what he has to say in Maximum Manhood, I bet you’ll want to go to one of the doctors he’s trained. You’ll find out how to locate one in your area on page 37.

    When Bill Gottlieb interviewed him, Dr. R. was pretty ticked off about the nonsense most doctors tell men about testosterone. Listen to him. . .

    “The higher your levels of testosterone, the lower your risk of heart attacks, strokes, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease. . .and the longer you’re likely to live.

    “There’s not one study that says if your testosterone level is too high, you’re likely to die sooner.”

    An optimal level of testosterone is so protective of long-term health, Dr. R. advises every man over 40 to start testosterone therapy. Not just men with obvious symptoms of low T, like erectile dysfunction and fatigue. Not just men whose blood test shows a low T level. Every man over 40 – including you and me.

    He told Bill Gottlieb, “The reason doctors treat high cholesterol is to prevent the consequences of high cholesterol, which are a heart attack or stroke. And they treat it as soon as they detect it. So why would a doctor wait to treat a man with testosterone, when increasing his levels now lowers bad LDL cholesterol and increases good HDL cholesterol, thereby helping prevent a heart attack or stroke?”

Testosterone test is more important than
your cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes tests!

    To drive his point home, Dr. R. read Bill a quote from a medical journal: “Free testosterone levels may be a stronger predictor of coronary artery disease than high cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes, smoking and BMI.”

    As I said earlier, Dr. R. has trained 5,000 doctors in the right way to do testosterone therapy, and there’s probably one near you. See Chapter 5 of our new Special Report, Maximum Manhood.

    While you’re looking over that chapter, you’ll also come across one of the most surprising revelations in the report.

    “I hope there are no drug company reps sitting outside my door as I say this,” Dr. R. joked, “but I typically don’t prescribe any of the commercially available transdermal [skin-applied] gels like Androgel and Testim.”

    The main reason: They’re only available in 1 or 2% formulas, meaning only 1 or 2 percent of the medication is testosterone.

    These formulas are too weak to do most men any good, according to extensive research by the top experts in testosterone therapy. Plus these products from the big pharmaceutical companies cost anywhere from $350 to $700 a month – a ridiculous, outrageous price that’s almost never covered by insurance!

    This is where the lack of information in the medical world can start costing you real money AND deny you the results you’re looking for!

    Most of the medical profession has no idea how much T a man needs. As I said before, the level they call “normal” is so low your life is at risk – but an insurance company will only cover the cost if your T level is much lower than that!

    The reality is you need far more testosterone if you want to be healthy. What’s more, you’ll probably have to pay those ridiculous drug-company prices out of your own pocket – just to get a weak, second-rate form of testosterone -- if you don’t know the valuable tips on page 32 of Maximum Manhood.

    Bill Gottlieb asked Dr. R. why conventional drug-company gels are so weak. He answered, “The clinical studies were on 1 or 2 percent concentrations, so that’s what the FDA approved.” In order to get higher concentrations approved, the drug companies would have to spend hundreds of millions of dollars and go through the FDA approval process -- again. They’re not going to do that.

    To get the dose of testosterone you need from their products, you’d have to use 20 to 40 grams per day of the gel – an amount that would cover your entire body!

    No need for that. You CAN get high-dose testosterone, legally, by prescription, and it will only cost you about $30 per month. Details on page 32.

    By the way, it’s not just the standard prescription gels that do a lousy job. As you’ll discover on page 30, testosterone injections are a bad idea, and patches are, too! Get the Special Report and find out why. Page 33 gives a rundown of all the different options and why the choice Dr. R. recommends is your best bet.

    But you might be wondering, “Is testosterone safe in high doses – or in ANY dose?” I’m glad you asked...

How safe is testosterone?

    Here’s the simple answer: T is safe. Very safe.

    You probably guessed as much, considering the government lets the drug companies run ads for the stuff all over TV and radio. But there are a couple of steps you want to take to protect yourself. . .

    The first step is to make sure you’re receiving a certain type of testosterone. Fortunately, that’s easy. You’ll find out how on page 2 of Maximum Manhood.

    Once you’re sure your testosterone is the real thing, your only problem is the myths that are still circulating among some doctors. As I said, testosterone therapy is a new thing and most doctors still don’t know much about it.

    Just a few years ago, most medical professionals held that testosterone therapy can increase the risk of prostate cancer. This has been proven wrong, but word hasn’t filtered down yet to a lot of doctors. Dr. Abraham Morgentaler of Harvard Medical School calls it “a commonly held belief without scientific basis.”

    In fact, an international medical journal just analyzed 44 studies on testosterone therapy and prostate cancer. None of the studies showed that testosterone increased the risk of prostate cancer or increased the severity of prostate cancer in men who already had it.

    Case closed.

    The truth is something different. . .

Testosterone is good for your prostate

    On page 18 of Maximum Manhood you’ll see proof that the lower your T level is, the greater your risk of prostate cancer.

    Yes: Low T means more danger of prostate cancer. The Special Report cites the studies and quotes the doctors.

    There’s more. If a man has low T he’s more likely to suffer from enlarged prostate, with all those annoying trips to the bathroom, waking up several times a night to urinate, the feeling you have to go right now – or else. . .

    Get our new Special Report Maximum Manhood and see the proof. A higher T level reduced the symptoms of enlarged prostate compared to a control group that didn’t receive T. It’s a fact. You’ll get all the details on page 17. By the way, if you decide to purchase Maximum Manhood you’ll also get a separate Free Bonus Report that’s all about the best ways to beat enlarged prostate or BPH. This second report is YOURS FREE – our gift to you for trying Maximum Manhood.

    In Maximum Manhood, you’ll actually meet a man who went on T therapy after recovering from prostate cancer. The cancer never came back. “In fact,” he says, “my urologists tell me that I am a poster boy for the use of testosterone therapy after prostate cancer.”

    This man got some other pleasant surprises, too. “I no longer feel depressed and my general sense of wellbeing has returned. I’ve seen a positive effect on my muscle tone—in fact, people look at me and say, ‘Are you exercising a lot?’ My sex drive is almost where it was at before my prostate surgery, and the erectile dysfunction that I suffered from after the surgery has been corrected.”

    And one last thing about safety: T therapy has nothing to do with those steroids used by athletes and body builders. Yes, T is an anabolic steroid and you WILL see your strength and muscle mass increase.

    But the athletes who get in trouble use incredibly massive doses that no sane person would use. At the T levels recommended in Maximum Manhood – the levels of a healthy younger man – you’re in no danger at all. Now here’s more good news. . .

You don’t need a prescription at all:
Discover the best natural ways to lift your T levels!

    Your body makes its own T, of course – and there’s a whole bunch of ways you can help it do that. I mentioned earlier that you can double your T level by taking a zinc supplement along with a certain mushroom extract.

    Yes, it’s that simple to double your T level! But there’s so much more. . .

    Maximum Manhood devotes a whole chapter to natural foods and supplements that increase a man’s T levels – including one powerful tip I’ve seen nowhere else. This is a big story, and I’ll tell you more in a minute.

    First, let me tell you about another natural secret. One of our expert M.D.’s calls this “one of the fastest-working and most reliable ways to boost testosterone naturally.” It’s made from a certain part of a certain animal and it’s not all that easy to find, but the Special Report gives you the best source. That’s where you need to order it -- because a few shady marketers offer fake or adulterated versions of this unusual supplement. You’ll find the details on page 40.

    There’s more. On page 43 you’ll discover a traditional Malaysian remedy – an herbal extract that boosted T levels back to normal in just one month when used by older men. Only about one-third of these guys had normal levels at the beginning of the study. Almost ALL of them had normal levels a month later – 9 out of 10, to be exact!

    Other human and animal studies confirm the same thing: This remarkable Malaysian herb will increase T levels for men over 40. To get the results you want, you need to purchase a certain standardized extract. On page 44, Maximum Manhood names it and gives a source.

And don’t overlook this powerful tip
for boosting your T level

    Bill Gottlieb’s exhaustive research turned up a secret I’ve seen nowhere else: Your body naturally breaks down testosterone into other body chemicals. This is a major reason our T levels plummet as we get older.

    One of the most effective ways to lift your T level is to hold on to more of the testosterone your body naturally makes every day.

    Your body is making most of the T you need. All you have to do is hang onto it!

    It’s worth getting your own personal copy of Maximum Manhood just to reap the benefit of this important scoop.

    Pages 42 and 43 reveal easy, natural ways you can prevent your body from reducing your T levels. I’ve already described the benefits of high T, but that’s not the only reason you want to stop the testosterone breakdown process. The breakdown process turns healthy T into a chemical that’s bad for you. It’s one of the biggest causes of prostate problems!

    So when you stop the breakdown process you’re killing two birds with one stone – boosting your T levels AND healing your prostate. It’s all in Chapter Six, “Natural Ways to Boost Testosterone.”

    And when you’re done reading that chapter you’ll want to turn directly to Chapter Seven, “The High Testosterone Lifestyle.” Because your lifestyle choices make a big difference in your T levels. If you make a few easy changes, you can see HUGE increases in T.

Easy changes can make a BIG difference!

    Let me tell you one right now. It may be the easiest way I’ve ever heard to boost your T level: Don’t overheat your private parts. Keep ‘em cool – it boosts your T level. Tight underwear and hot tubs are not such a good idea. And – bet you didn’t think of this – car seat heaters can lower your T count!

    Chapter Seven also reveals foods to eat, and foods to avoid for healthier T levels. You’ll like this idea: A high fat diet increases your T level, while a low fat diet reduces your T. But you don’t want to eat just any fat. See the four healthy high-fat (and delicious) foods that one of our experts names on page 49. He says these four particular foods are “building blocks of hormones, including testosterone.”

    And if you work out, don’t miss the tips on page 50. Certain exercises cause your body to release a lot of T. . .and certain exercises cause your body to break down T into that harmful chemical I mentioned earlier. You’ll like this section because it shows how less exercise will give you better results.

I’ve only described a fraction
of the exciting news in this Special Report

    I’ve probably given the impression Maximum Manhood is all about T. Not so! It covers a full range of news, tips and cutting edge discoveries on all aspects of a man’s sexual health. There are many things besides testosterone that can boost a man’s health and vitality.

    In Chapter Eight, author Bill Gottlieb reveals “The Six Secrets of Life-Long Potency.”

    You can use these six do-it-yourself secrets to prevent or cure erectile dysfunction -- at home -- without spending a dime on drugs or doctors. Sure, raising your testosterone may get rid of any ED problem you have. But there’s MUCH MORE you can do.

    And what if you don’t suffer from ED. . .but you just want more satisfying sex, more often? Then “The Six Secrets of Life-Long Potency” can benefit you, too! It’s all in Chapter Eight.

    The first thing you need to know is that if you DON’T have ED, your health is probably good. And if you DO have erectile dysfunction, it’s an early indicator of overall health problems. You need to get this problem fixed if you’ve got it, and I mean you need to fix the root cause of ED.

    Men with erectile dysfunction are three times as likely to have a heart attack and twice as likely to have a stroke! This is about far more than just sex.

    One of our experts, a faculty member at New York University School of Medicine, told Bill, “Taking Viagra doesn’t mean you’re taking care of your health.”

    So instead of BandAid solutions like Viagra and Cialis, use the discoveries in Chapter Eight of Maximum Manhood to get rid of ED permanently and naturally.

    One of our contributing experts told Bill, “Erectile difficulties have no place in the life of someone who wants to stay young forever – and I definitely want to!”

    This expert is age 63 himself and he takes his own advice.

    Of course you probably know there are lots of (supposedly) natural herbs and supplements on the market that claim to increase potency and reverse ED. Are these pills on the level? Well, Maximum Manhood has some good news and some bad news. . .

The Best Natural Potency Remedies. . .
And the Worst

    You CAN enjoy erectile satisfaction, guaranteed, thanks to a variety of natural herbs, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and plant extracts. These natural potency pills are available over-the-counter or on the Internet and they cost a fraction of prescription ED drugs.

  • On page 77, you’ll come across a two-nutrient combo that doubles the number of times per month a man has sex, as shown in a 2008 study. In one group of men who suffered from ED, more than 9 out of 10 were able to have normal sex again after eating these two safe, natural foods in the form of a supplement.

  • On page 79 you’ll find an herb from Peru that increases a man’s desire for sex by 64% -- proven by clinical studies. Just to put that in perspective, a man who has sex 100 times a year can expect that to soar to 164 times a year! Peru’s exports of this amazing herb have shot up four times in the last ten years. There’s a reason for that: This herb works like gangbusters, and thousands of satisfied men keep coming back for more. One of the world’s leading authorities told Bill, “This legendary plant is, in my opinion, one of the greatest of the ‘hot plants.’ It increases strength, energy, stamina, libido and sexual function all at once.”

    And Bill has another natural potency herb for you. This one costs only six cents a capsule, compared to as much as $10 per pill for Viagra! Yet it’s been proven effective by seven studies reviewed in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology. The journal describes the results as “overwhelmingly positive.”

    A study by the University of Virginia raved that this herb “improves a man’s ability to achieve and maintain” satisfying sex – “even in men with severe erectile dysfunction.” The details are on page 77 of Maximum Manhood.

    You see, there are many natural potency pills – “aphrodisiacs”!

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    Bill’s research revealed that not all performance-enhancing herbs are safe and effective. One very common herb that’s in many popular formulas is “slightly risky for everyone” according to Bill’s sources. On page 82, he writes, “A few of the clinicians I talked to actively discouraged men from taking an over-the-counter supplement containing this herb.”

    This widely used herb can cause stomach or intestinal distress, a racing heart, an anxiety attack and even high blood pressure!

    Another herb – also found in a lot of potency formulas -- just doesn’t have much proof to back it up. It might work, but chances are you’re wasting your money. Details on page 68.

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    Nitric oxide or NO is the primary vasodilator – the substance that causes blood vessels to relax, open up and get wider so that blood can circulate freely. Scientists searched for it for years, and the team that found it won the Nobel Prize.

    Now nitric oxide is revolutionizing the prevention and treatment of heart and artery disease. This natural molecule can prevent high blood pressure, reverse plaque buildup, stop blood clots, reduce cholesterol and more!

    No wonder 100,000 studies have been done on this amazing substance.

    What’s all this got to do with your sex life? A lot! Boosting NO is exactly what the prescription ED drugs do! They relax the blood vessels! In fact, Viagra was sold as a treatment to improve circulation before people noticed it also helps men achieve erections.

    A leading expert on NO told Bill, “the results have been remarkable in men in their 70s and 80s – they just can’t believe their erectile ability is improving!” If it does that for a guy who’s 80, imagine what it can do for you!

    BUT natural nitric oxide boosters are hard to find. Until a couple of years ago, scientists thought an amino acid called l-arginine was the only natural substance that could boost our NO levels – which it does through a complicated three-step process.

    That’s why you’ll find l-arginine in just about every natural potency and ED formula.

    But now scientists have discovered a far better, more powerful way to boost natural NO levels – and they found it in a simple, humble garden vegetable!

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Partial list of doctors and natural health specialists featured in Maximum Manhood

Chris Meletis, N.D., Executive Director of the Institute for Healthy Aging, author of Change of Life: Male Menopause and Healthy Aging with Testosterone

Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D., holistic physician, author of Real Cause, Real Cure

Rhett Jabour, M.D., Medical Director of the Southwest Liposculpture & Anti Aging Center in El Paso, TX

Craig Koniver, M.D., Medical Director of Organic Medicine Now, in South Carolina

Edgar Weinsberg, PhD, a retired rabbi, gerontologist, sex educator, and author of Conquer Prostate Cancer: How Medicine, Faith, Love and Sex Can Renew Your Life

Robert Linde is an acupuncture physician and registered herbalist, and founder and president of Acupuncture and Herbal Therapies, in St. Petersburg, Florida

Ray Sahelian, MD, is the author of Natural Sex Boosters: Supplements that Enhance Stamina, Sensation, and Sexuality for Men and Women and many other books

Donald R. Yance Jr., MH, CN, RH (AHG), is a master herbalist and nutritionist, author of Herbal Medicine, Healing and Cancer, and founder and director of the Centre for Natural Healing, in Ashland, Oregon. 

Bob Demaria, DC, is a chiropractor in Elyria, Ohio, and author of Men’s Health: The Basics.

Harry Preuss, MD, CNS, is a professor of physiology, medicine and pathology at Georgetown University Medical Center, a certified nutrition specialist, and author of The Natural Fat-Loss Pharmacy

And more than 50 other leading natural health doctors and anti-aging specialists…

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