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Try this easy way to improve your brain power

Just because you’re getting on in years, it doesn’t mean that your brain, its inner structure and your mental powers have to stagnate or decline. You can always change your brain for the better. True fact. I’ve been reading up lately on neuroplasticity – the ability of the brain to change and grow even in […]

Great supplement, but drink it, don’t take the pills

Scientists are hard at work developing new drugs to neutralize a major cause of Alzheimer’s. Two enzymes called AchE and BchE break down acetylcholine, an essential neurotransmitter that communicates information between nerve cells in the brain. As we age, we produce less acetylcholine, and with this decline, our memories start to fade. Drugs that could […]

I promise you this brain-boosting
drink is in your kitchen

There’s an easily available drink that may improve your thinking abilities, your memory and your mood – almost instantly. You have it in your kitchen but you’re probably not taking advantage of it. The drink is just plain water. Research shows that as we get older we don’t drink enough, our bodies are less able […]

Is mainstream science getting anywhere against Alzheimer’s?

If you listen to what we’re told by the mainstream news and conventional medical doctors, it often seems like we’re losing the battle to neurological disorders and memory loss. According to them, there’s a high probability you’re going to get Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease, lose your memory, and end up in a nursing home — […]

What’s the most important single thing your brain needs?

What do paleontologists and brain scientists have in common? They agree on the most important need of the human brain. Evolutionary paleontologists dig up and examine fossilized human remains dating back as much as three million years. They’ve concluded there’s been one special substance that has allowed human brains to develop into high-performing intellectual machines. […]

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