Dear Friend,

Walking was excruciating for Joe. The 66-year-old retired metal worker shuffled slowly to minimize the pain shooting through both knees.

Joe’s doctor wasn’t surprised. X-rays revealed the cartilage had worn away leaving “bone grinding on bone.” The diagnosis? Osteoarthritis, a condition that affects a whopping one out of every two Americans.

Joe’s doctor sent him to an orthopedic surgeon who told him he’d need a double knee replacement as soon as possible. The operation would be expensive and painful—and Joe would require weeks of physical therapy to learn to walk again. Joe wasn’t interested.

Instead, he visited a doctor with some
very different ideas about treating osteoarthritis

This doctor believes our joints have the remarkable ability to heal when we give them the right joint-rebuilding nutrients. All he had to do was treat Joe with a drug-free natural therapy he had developed.

Joe’s pain improved. Within six weeks he was walking more easily and even stopped his pain medication. Four months later, Joe was not only walking without pain, he was playing golf again!

How? This brilliant doctor’s natural technique kick-starts the body’s healing process by targeting an affected joint with the most essential nutrient it needs to rebuild itself—oxygen. Cartilage cells begin to repair themselves and restore the vital connective tissues around them.

This treatment could put joint surgeons out of business...
See the photographic proof for yourself!

X-ray evidence published in a medical journal in 2011 shows this natural therapy can actually stimulate the regeneration of cartilage in joints afflicted with osteoarthritis.

And it accomplishes this incredible feat without drugs.

In addition, this breakthrough also reduces inflammation and promotes the buildup of powerful antioxidant enzymes critical to healthy joint tissue. No joint surgery can boast such powerful healing effects!

In fact, this doctor reports that seven out of ten of his patients experience complete healing after only three to six treatments. They’re able to keep their original joint. That means no joint replacement surgery required—now or ever!

What’s more, this natural therapy couldn’t be easier. Treatment takes just minutes and can be performed in any doctor’s office.

If you’re suffering chronic inflammation and pain from arthritis or joint injury, then you know how hard it is to find safe, lasting pain relief and improve your mobility. This treatment can help you find the relief you’ve been praying for. Besides saving worn out knees, it revives aching backs, hips, wrists, shoulders and necks!

You can find out more about this remarkable natural therapy, including a list of doctors who offer this treatment to their patients. It’s all in my brand-new book The Ultimate Guide to Conquering Pain.

My name is Robert Kroening. I spent three decades as a writer, managing editor, and publisher for some of the largest and most far-reaching consumer medical newsletters in America, including Alternatives by Dr. David Williams, Health and Healing by Dr. Julian Whitaker and Second Opinion, then edited by Dr. William Campbell Douglass.

We searched the world over to uncover new ways to reverse today’s worst health problems. I’m thrilled to say our discoveries have helped thousands get their health back. It’s a mission I’ve continued as an independent medical journalist. That’s why if you or someone you care about is suffering from chronic pain, I want to tell you about an exciting revolution in healing.

Men and women of all ages who suffer from “hopeless” and “irreversible” pain are finding real relief at last. In fact…

Many are experiencing PERMANENT relief…

That’s right: years of pain erased never to return—not weeks, months or even years later. In its place people experience improved strength, flexibility and comfortable movement.

This blessed relief is all thanks to some pioneering doctors I’ll introduce you to in my new book. Their remarkable breakthroughs—and the rock-solid science behind them—are proof that you don’t have to endure a lifetime of suffering and frustration.

Best of all, some of these new breakthroughs are simple, inexpensive, do-it-yourself ways you can use at home to banish virtually any pain. Others are cutting-edge therapies repairing broken bodies—some are secretly relied on by pro-athletes to stay in the game!

Most importantly, these new pain relief breakthroughs are ALL safe, easily available and drug-free.

That means you will suffer none of the side effects or health dangers of NSAIDs, narcotic drugs or surgeries most often prescribed to treat pain. Even over-the-counter pain medication can cause side effects such as ulcer, nausea and liver damage.

What’s worse, drugs can’t solve the root cause of your pain. They just cover up your symptoms. As a result, the pain is still there, damaging your body and making you feel old before your time. But the little-known therapies I tell you about actually promote healing and revitalization in your body.

Even more remarkable, many of these therapies help repair injuries or conditions where the body has long since done all the healing it intends to do. As a result, these therapies give long-lasting relief and even end “irreversible” pain most doctors can’t treat!

For example…

How to relieve virtually ANY chronic pain in seconds,
by squashing it at the source…

Ken endured neck pain for 40 years. He was diagnosed with a degenerated C5-6 disc. As a board-certified M.D. with a thriving practice in Park City, Utah, Ken has access to every drug, surgery, chiropractic technique and alternative treatment under the sun. He’s tried many of them, yet nothing relieved his terrible neck pain until this remarkable breakthrough.

“I had an amazing, instantaneous release of [the] infraspinatus [muscle] that has never been without pain. I’ve had 10 neck injuries, 40 years of neck pain and degenerated C5-6 disc. Treatment has resulted in immediate relaxation.”

What’s Ken’s secret?

It’s not a drug, an injection, a machine or even a nutritional supplement. Instead it’s a simple technique using only your fingertips.

Developed by a doctor in Colorado after more than a decade of research, it’s called a light touch technique. The technique involves using light, comfortable pressure on neurological reflexes related to the pain. The pressure turns off pain-triggering nerve receptors. As a result the nervous system turns off pain like flipping off a switch.

Just ask Rhodora K. of Illinois.

After suffering through years of back and headache pain and enduring multiple surgeries, she tried physical therapy, deep tissue massage and, of course, medication. Nothing got rid of the constant pain. Then Rhodora tried this breakthrough and exclaimed…

“‘Wow’ doesn’t begin to cover the relief I feel! One treatment has relieved the painful stiffness and limited range of motion of the past 10 years!! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!”

Unlike chiropractic treatment, light touch technique is gentle enough for a 90-year-old and so easy one observer claims “a 14-year-old could learn it in minutes.”

Light touch
leaves 325 skeptical medical doctors in awe

Perhaps no one was more skeptical of light touch pain relief than 325 medical doctors attending a meeting of the American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM) in Phoenix. But after watching a demonstration on scores of pain sufferers, one M.D. from California wrote in his medical newsletter…

“I saw about 40 consecutive cases of chronic pain completely resolved right in front of my eyes. The technique even resolved a few organ dysfunctions, which I thought would be impossible.”

Light touch provides near instantaneous relief from chronic pain of all kinds: Solving years of debilitating muscle, joint and bone pain from osteoarthritis, carpal tunnel, “frozen” joint, sciatica, degeneration of the spine, TMJ and many more causes of pain. It’s healing the worst pain caused by traumatic injury, health conditions like cancer, even pain following surgery.

One patient—in agony after hernia surgery—enjoyed relief within seconds of trying this treatment, exclaiming…

“It took 15 to 30 seconds
to absolutely eradicate my pain!”

You can find out more about light touch pain relief, including how to locate a light touch practitioner near you – or even learn how to do some of these simple techniques yourself. Just turn to Chapter 14 of The Ultimate Guide to Conquering Pain

Frankly, it angers me that mainstream medicine repeatedly dismisses or ignores natural therapies in favor of drugs

Unfortunately, the pharmaceutical industry maintains a stranglehold on pain relief. The demand for pain medication has more than tripled since 1993.

Pharmaceutical companies are selling us a bill of goods to the tune of over $9 billion a year.

Yet you and I both know these pills don’t “heal” anything and are dangerous to boot!

In fact, I want to share with you some urgent news that doctors aren’t telling you about the new dangers of pain medication.

The pain pills that doctors prescribe to treat joint pain and injury might actually be making your pain worse…

Besides being riddled with dangerous side effects, clinical trials have demonstrated that the class of drugs known as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs block the body’s natural joint-repair processes.

As a result, these common drugs—which include ibuprofen and a host of prescription NSAIDs—cause additional breakdown of joint cartilage.

When cartilage disintegrates you suffer more pain and might eventually be told that you need joint replacement surgery. A study in the respected medical journal Lancet, found this is especially true of hip and knee joints!

It’s shocking but true: The most common joint pain drugs destroy your joints!! That’s why you’ll want to turn to Chapter 9 of The Ultimate Guide to Conquering Pain where you’ll read about …

“Natural aspirin”… it works without the side effects!

This remarkable plant extract contains salicin, a pain-relieving chemical similar to aspirin.

However, the plant also contains powerful natural anti-inflammatory flavonoids that increase its pain-relieving effects. That’s why some pain experts report natural aspirin works stronger and lasts longer than drugstore aspirin!

In Chapter 9, you’ll get the name of the only supplement that contains it, as well as the essential oil. I keep both in my medicine cabinet. The oil is great to inhale for instant pain relief because it bypasses the stomach. You can also rub it on for added relief from any ache, pain or strain the day brings.

Both the natural supplement and the oil, like all the treatments in my new book, are free from dangerous side effects. Plus, unlike pain pills they support your natural repair process. Not just in your joints, either, but in your whole body.

Click here to order your copy of The Ultimate Guide to Conquering Pain and gain access to these valuable breakthroughs.

A good example is the amazing treatment you’ll discover in Chapter 20 of The Ultimate Guide to Conquering Pain

NFL player’s secret weapon
to heal ligament and tendon injuries,
muscle strains and tears…

If you happen to be a football fan like I am, then you know Terrell Owens. As an NFL wide receiver, he became a 6-time pro-bowler, completed 1,078 receptions and 153 touchdowns. And to think, he almost never set foot on the field with the Philadelphia Eagles for Super Bowl XXXIX!

On December 19, 2004, Terrell suffered a serious ankle injury during a game. It was an injury that could sideline an athlete for months, but Terrell had a secret weapon in his medical arsenal…

A treatment that uses electrical currents to speed healing.

These currents are set to two frequencies: The first stimulates cells for healing and repair of a body part. The second battles any infection from virus, bacteria or pathogen that’s endangering healing. The treatment uses small electrodes and is painless. In fact, in most cases, you can’t feel a thing.

By February 6, 2005, Terrell was not only able to play, but he completed nine receptions for 122 yards—a 13.6 yard-per-catch average against the formidable New England Patriots!

What worked for this pro athlete will work for you. This treatment will effectively relieve any pain that’s related to muscles, tendons and ligaments, discs or joints, but that’s not all…

Eliminates kidney stone pain!

The same doctor who has treated other professional athletes like Terrell, reports success in treating numerous other health problems. For example, she’s discovered a frequency combination that’s relieving the pain of kidney stones until the body can pass them.

Wipes out shingles pain in minutes!

Yet another frequency combination eliminates the pain of shingles in 20 minutes. Shingles lesions that can last for weeks, dry up and disappear in approximately two to three days.

Even solves liver pain!

When this doctor applies several frequency combinations to the right upper quadrant of the abdomen, the liver becomes less “tender.” Additional tests show the treatment reduces seriously elevated liver enzymes to the normal range within hours.

Best of all, you don’t have to be a pro athlete to get this treatment for an injury or anything else. Treatments are readily available and surprisingly affordable—about $75. But not all electrical current treatments are the same.

That’s why you’ll want to turn to Chapter 20 of The Ultimate Guide to Conquering Pain, where you’ll get the name of this doctor and the treatment she’s pioneered. It’s the only electrical current treatment of its kind documented in recent clinical study. You’ll even discover how to find a practitioner near you.

The BEST CHIROPRACTIC technique for
healing back and neck pain…

. . .but not one of the 10 to 20
chiropractors I’ve seen uses it!

If you’re like me, you’ve found that chiropractors are great at providing temporary relief from back, neck or shoulder pain. However, when it comes to relieving pain completely, well, it rarely happens.

Which is why when I received a call from a friend about a remarkable chiropractic technique, I wasn’t all that excited. But my friend didn’t give up. He insisted that I talk to a sheriff’s deputy in our Colorado area department.

The deputy had been a long-distance runner and weight lifter. While lifting weights, he badly injured his back, and was sidelined so seriously that the only duty he could fulfill was at the front desk of the local jail. That’s because it required almost no physical activity.

After undergoing treatment with this technique, he’s not only back on the job as a sheriff’s deputy—he’s back running and weight lifting, too! In his words, his recovery is “total and amazing.”

What makes this chiropractic technique so different
from what ordinary chiropractors do?

This unique, almost unknown therapy was created by a chiropractor who was also an engineer. The technique he developed emphasizes the importance of the spinal foundation, then builds the foundation upward. Since many problems in the mid and upper spinal column are due to misalignment in the lower spine, this approach is a comprehensive one.

As I learned more about this technique, I made a shocking discovery…

After decades of visiting chiropractors, not one had used it on me! Why? Most probably didn’t know about it themselves. But there also may be a darker reason…

This technique heals the spine by tightening ligaments that become loose from injury. Once the technique tightens the ligaments, bones are held in the proper alignment and the spine is as good as new. The spine is healed, and the patient no longer suffers pain and doesn’t need additional care except for occasional adjustments.

Because having a healthy spine is critical for you to regain comfortable mobility and maintain it for life, I’m going to send you a special FREE bonus report with your copy of The Ultimate Guide to Conquering Pain. The title of this free gift is Healing Your Spine.

Inside this FREE special bonus report you’ll discover:

  1. The name of this chiropractic technique
  2. How to find a doctor near you who specializes in it
  3. Five ways to make sure your chiropractor is diagnosing your problem correctly so you can heal for good instead of returning for a lifetime of repeat adjustments.

Is your mouth making your pain worse?
The surprising trigger that might be causing you agony…

As I talked to doctors and pain researchers, I began to realize that some pain isn’t what it seems.

Some people suffering pain in the face, ear, head, neck, shoulders and back, as well as fibromyalgia, sleep disorders and mental fog may actually be suffering from lack of oxygen!

A dentist in Washington State is pioneering this groundbreaking research. His work started twenty-seven years ago with a patient suffering the jaw pain called TMJ. In an attempt to help this patient he began observing the mouths, tongues and jaws of many patients. That’s when he made a remarkable discovery that’s healing pain of all kinds…

Small physical disturbances in the way you breathe can result in greater muscle contraction, jaw pain and stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system that cause physical stress—and eventually pain—within your entire body.

By simply fitting patients with customized appliances that look a little like orthodontic retainers, this doctor was able to improve their breathing and create healing miracles…

Let me tell you Darden’s story.

A fibromyalgia sufferer, Darden had trouble walking or standing for any length of time. When she walked to the top of the stairs she felt lightheaded and weak. She suffered constant abdominal pain and difficulty sleeping.

Finally, in desperation, she visited this dentist on the advice of her massage therapist.

Within 24 hours of receiving her appliance
she was feeling better!

“My abdominal pain went away and never returned and my muscles hurt less… I basically noticed a lessening of stress on my body. The feelings of adrenaline or ‘fight or flight’ went away gradually.”

“After several months I could walk to the top of the stairs without feeling lightheaded and my muscles were no longer sensitive to the touch. Chronic mucous in my throat went away after six months.” 

“After two years… I feel as if I get three times as much air as I did before starting [treatment] and I would never want to be without my appliances.”

While the research is still in its early days, I wanted you to know about this remarkable dentist and his amazing treatment. In Chapter 19 of The Ultimate Guide to Conquering Pain you’ll find his name and address. Plus, you’ll get the opportunity to see pictures of his appliances and hear from patients.

These therapies simply are not common knowledge among today’s doctors

That’s because most physicians learn how to treat pain in medical school. Our medical schools still teach that drugs and surgery are the only treatments for chronic pain. They’re living in the dark ages. But the pioneering doctors you’ll read about in my new book are moving into the future with better, safer, easier ways to heal pain.

For instance, in Chapter 10 you’ll discover the cheapest, most enjoyable way to relieve arthritis pain…

How John healed a painfully arthritic hip
and threw away his cane!

John O. was diagnosed with arthritis in his hip. At first it caused a limp, but soon he needed a cane to walk. Eventually, John became so reliant on his cane that he suffered shooting pain in his arm that made it difficult to do his work as a professional photographer.

The pain forced John to do something he’d never done before: sit around and relax. He decided to make the best of it and started spending hours outdoors. That’s when something miraculous happened…

His arthritis began to go away. Not long after, he threw out his cane and was able to walk without a limp.

In disbelief, John began investigating the benefits of light on human health. He discovered that the ultraviolet rays of the sun—which are filtered out by sunscreen, sunglasses and the glass in windows—are essential for health. 

He learned that without UV light, a number of health problems can come up including arthritis. It’s a medical fact documented in numerous clinical studies—even one in the highly regarded journal Arthritis & Rheumatism.

What makes UV light so effective at relieving arthritis pain? I know you’re probably thinking “vitamin D”—but stay with me on this because there’s much more than vitamin D involved!

Joints afflicted with arthritis lose their natural ability to repair themselves. But UV light increases levels of your immune system’s T cells that combat bacterial and viral infections and improve healing.

In addition, UV light affects levels of the pain transmitter called substance P, while also increasing “feel good” chemicals called endorphins in the bloodstream. When the body’s natural healing process is increased and pain is blocked, good things begin to happen!

This free, easy, comfortable cure might help reduce your arthritis pain tremendously. But if it doesn’t, you’ll read about several natural doctors inspired by John’s research in Chapter 10 of The Ultimate Guide to Conquering Pain. They’ve pioneered stronger, concentrated forms of light to heal “hopeless” cases of pain from illness, joint disease and injury.

For example…

Imagine healing headache pain, muscle pain
and more with colored light!

The idea of shining light through a colored lens onto a painful or diseased part of the body might sound crazy, but clinical studies are proving the blessed relief it gives.

Some of the results show that colored light

  1. RELIEVES MIGRAINE PAIN. Clinical study showed that flashing light of a certain color on migraine pain sufferers relieved pain for nine out of ten!
  2. Ends the pain of SEVERE BURNS in minutes. After using colored light in her medical practice, Dr. Kate Baldwin reported that the burning sensation from tissue burns is “counteracted within 20 to 30 minutes and does not return.”
  3. Improves MUSCLE STRENGTH, FUNCTION and ENERGY. In another clinical study, one type of colored light increased electrical activity in arm muscle. As a result, it boosted muscle strength and gave athletes short, quick bursts of energy. This could help anyone with muscle pain and fatigue.
  4. RELIEVES RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS. A study at San Diego State University School of Nursing treated 60 middle-aged women who had rheumatoid arthritis. The women placed their hands in a box with light of a special color for 15 minutes a day and experienced substantial relief from pain and inflammation.

So what does color have to do with healing? Numerous researchers concluded that colored light generates electrical impulses and magnetic currents –and the effect depends on the color used – red, yellow, blue or whatever. The right choice of color activates the body’s natural stimulants or sedatives that provide pain relief, comfort and increased physical energy.

There are no side effects and it’s so easy to do at home on your own! If you suffer from chronic pain that just won’t go away, what do you have to lose by trying this totally safe secret that’s worked for so many people?

In Chapter 10 of The Ultimate Guide to Conquering Pain, I’ll show you where to buy the color light kit I recommend, including instructions on treating virtually any pain, sprain or bruise, for as little as $30. Your kit will last a lifetime and costs less than dinner for two at a medium-priced restaurant. Surely something so simple, cheap and easy is worth a try.

You may also want to consider…

Infrared light therapy:
a godsend for patients with painfully fused bones…

The excruciating condition called ankylosing spondylitis (AS) causes severe back pain, inflammation and fused bones. It’s normally treated with powerful drugs and surgery, but in many cases debilitating pain continues. That’s why I’m thrilled to tell you that a simple, harmless, infrared light treatment is knocking out the pain in a matter of weeks.

A study published in the medical journal Clinical Rheumatology, found AS patients experienced “significant relief” from their pain and inflammation after receiving only eight infrared light treatments spread over four weeks.

Besides getting rid of AS pain, this infrared light treatment can help relieve pain from musculoskeletal issues including hard-to-treat soft-tissue injuries and fibromyalgia. In fact, research shows it’s so safe and effective that infrared light treatment is even FDA approved for pain relief!

In Chapter 10 of The Ultimate Guide to Conquering Pain, you’ll find:

  1. How to locate a doctor or natural health practitioner near you who can give you this infrared light treatment (some are charging as little as $15!)
  2. How to get this infrared light treatment for use in your own home.
  3. Two simple natural secrets used by pioneering doctors for faster, stronger results in relieving all kinds of pain.

But that’s not all. In my new book you’ll also find…

  1. The quick and easy way to relieve nerve pain… This little-known amino acid completely relieves agonizing nerve pain called peripheral neuropathy. It worked for eight out of ten patients in just three months in a clinical study. Discover the supplement that costs less than $10 and the exact dosage in Chapter 5.
  2. The most powerful topical pain reliever you can get… It’s inexpensive, readily available, deep penetrating, and highly effective at relieving many kinds of pain. Works by safely “blocking nerve conduction fibers that produce pain.” It also reduces inflammation, swelling and improves blood supply. See Chapter 9.
  3. Natural prednisone… This natural wonder increases healthy cortisol that the body requires to naturally fight inflammation. Clinical study shows it works without side effects. You’ll get all the details in Chapter 3.
  4. The muscle-relief mineral …. Research has linked low levels of this mineral to muscle pain. Increase your intake and watch muscle cramps and spasms vanish.  See Chapter 7.
  5. Taking pain medication? Here’s how to save your liver… The common pain drug acetaminophen is the leading cause of liver damage. But you can stop it with this tasty spice. In a clinical study published in the journal Gut, this spice significantly reduced liver cell damage and scarring. Get the name of the leading concentrated supplement for best absorption. See Chapter 7.

Honey cures arthritis pain?
A country doctor’s formula that really works…

For nearly a century, the ordinary honey cure has helped tens of thousands of people with arthritis pain. One of those people is Sarah G.

Even the most powerful painkilling drugs couldn’t relieve the 55-year-old’s arthritis. The pain got so bad, Sarah had to give up playing her beloved organ in church. Then she tried the old fashioned “honey cure.”

“After only a week I started feeling much better,” says Sarah. “I didn’t need to see the specialist any more. Eventually the arthritis disappeared. My doctor was flabbergasted.”

Despite its success safely relieving the pain and swelling of arthritis, mainstream medicine still dismisses the “honey cure” as sheer quackery. In fact, very few pain sufferers today even know that honey is an effective option for arthritis pain relief!

No one’s telling them how this inexpensive, easy folk remedy helps the body destroy germs, maintain proper hydration and supplies critical vitamins and minerals to support the natural repair process for joints and muscles.

That’s why when you ask for your copy of The Ultimate Guide to Conquering Pain I’m also going to send you the original formula discovered by an old country doctor in Vermont as a second FREE bonus. It’s called Healing Arthritis the Time Tested Way.

In this FREE special report you’ll learn:

  1. how much honey you need to take, and more important when to take it to experience relief from arthritis pain.
  2. how to obtain even more powerful pain relief by adding another natural remedy to your honey mixture.
  3. the fastest way to relieve flare-ups with an old fashioned “joint soak”—no tub necessary.


Before you see another doctor or take another pain pill,
do this first…

Before you talk to another doctor about pain pills, joint surgery or even any of the treatments you’ve heard about here, please read Chapters 1 and 2 of The Ultimate Guide to Conquering Pain. You’ll discover important information that can help you wade through ALL of your treatment options and make the right choice to heal your particular pain. 

I’m a firm believer that knowledge is the secret to taking control of your pain, finding maximum relief and, ultimately, ending your pain altogether.

That’s why The Ultimate Guide to Conquering Pain provides you with complete details on 35 of the most effective drug-free treatments and supplements for healing your body and saying goodbye to your pain!

You’ll get names, phone numbers and addresses for obtaining each do-it-yourself treatment. And for treatments that require supervision, you’ll get a list of leading doctors and practitioners.

Just as important, you’ll never feel like you’re going it alone—even if you decide to only use the do-it-yourself treatments.

That’s because the stories of relief and recovery that you’ll find in The Ultimate Guide to Conquering Pain will inspire you. They’ll give you hope that you, too, can leap headlong into a new, better life without pain and discomfort. You’ll hear how people just like you are beating the worst chronic pain using the treatments revealed in The Ultimate Guide to Conquering Pain.

Order your own personal copy of
The Ultimate Guide to Conquering Pain

There’s so much more I’d like to tell you about the pain-relieving breakthroughs that you’ll get in The Ultimate Guide to Conquering Pain. In addition to discovering how to quickly and safely relieve most kinds of pain, you’ll feel good knowing that you’re not just covering up your pain with some drug—you’re doing all you can to stimulate real healing of your joints, muscles, spine—or wherever your pain lies. You’re going after the root cause of your pain—to solve the problem once and for all!

Numerous studies confirm there’s no more powerful healer on the planet than your own body. And when you stimulate healing in one part of your body, good things happen in other parts of your body as well.

That’s why you’ll also find that you can use these very same breakthroughs to help heal other health problems that may be bothering you or a loved one.

For instance:

  1. Heal asthma, hay fever, ulcers and digestive trouble! This simple, safe, at-home pain relief therapy triggers powerful healing mechanisms in the body. It has been documented to heal over 300 health problems. Turn to Chapter 10 for details on where to get it and instructions for using it at home.
  2. Lower your blood pressure, heal sinus infections and colds! You can dramatically improve your heart health and heal infections and viruses with this one simple therapy. Turn to Chapter 10.
  3. Improve memory, concentration and recall! This nutrient-rich pill was shown in a placebo-controlled clinical study to rid the body of mercury better than IV chelation. How much better? It reduced mercury in brain tissues 87% better than the placebo. Great news since mercury is linked to memory problems! Chapter 3.

Get your copy now!

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FREE BONUS #1: Healing Your Spine (a $7.95 value—yours FREE!)
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I believe so strongly that you’ll find relief from your worst pain using the revolutionary treatments in my book, that I’ve convinced my publisher to allow you to put them to the test for one full year. You MUST be completely satisfied with your results. If you’re not satisfied for any reason at all, you’ll receive a prompt and cheerful 100% refund of every penny you paid. No questions asked.

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The Ultimate Guide to Conquering Pain is your how-to guide for healing chronic pain of all kinds. Those “hopeless” cases that doctors say you’ll just have to live with? Well, don’t believe it!

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Yours for healthy, safe pain relief,

Robert Kroening

Author, The Ultimate Guide to Conquering Pain

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