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Dear Friend,

If you or a loved one is suffering from diabetes, then you may have heard from conventional medicine that diabetes is “uncurable” and that it’s a “life sentence.”

If you believe this, then you’ll likely be destined to years of taking powerful diabetic medications…injecting yourself with insulin…and cutting back on your favorite foods.  All while dealing with burning pain in your feet and hands…failing eyesight…kidney failure…skin ulcers that could lead to amputations PLUS the never-ending worry about the devastation of a heart attack, stroke or premature death.

But now, startling new research from the frontiers of natural medicine reveals that conventional medicine is WRONG!

As I’m going to prove to you in the next five minutes, it’s now possible for you to defeat diabetes and reverse its devastating symptoms without drugs…without insulin shots…without doctors …without drastic changes to your diet…and without worry.

Sound good?

Then let’s start with a medicinal plant that’s been hailed as “the most powerful new diabetes remedy!”

For centuries, Traditional Chinese Medicine healers have used a medicinal herb called Huang-lian (Coptis chinensis) to treat people with diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease…and now we know why.

One of the most active compounds of this herb is berberine, and it has caught the attention of leading natural doctors.  Why?  Because studies prove berberine works as well as or better than metformin and rosiglitazone, two of the most prescribed medications for diabetes—yet without any dangerous side effects!

Outperforms metformin!  In a study reported in the journal Metabolism, 36 people newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes took either berberine or metformin each day for three months.  The results?  Amazing!

On average, those taking berberine had results identical to those taking metformin for blood sugar -- like fasting blood glucose dropping from 191 to 124 and A1C falling from 9.5% to 7.5%. AND even better results for cholesterol and triglycerides

Safer than rosiglitazone!  In a review of all studies using berberine as reported in Evidence-Based Complimentary and Alternative Medicine, its ability to control glucose was equal to rosiglitazone.  Plus, it improved liver enzymes, which is great news since some diabetes drugs have the potential to harm your liver.

Controls “uncontrollable” diabetes! And in a study reported in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, 48 people with type 2 diabetes—people already being treated with insulin and with Chinese herbal formulas—took berberine or a placebo every day for two weeks.  The results?

Those taking berberine saw fasting blood sugar plummet from 172 to 135…post meal glucose drop from 266 to 189…A1C drop from 8.1% to 7.3%… insulin fall 28% ...AND insulin resistance decrease by 45%!

No wonder researchers describe berberine as “a potent blood sugar lowering agent…safe and low cost.”

Why such amazing results for diabetes?

Dr. Mark Stengler, clinical professor at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine and a pioneer in natural medicine, writes: “Berberine stimulates the activity of genes that manufacture and activate insulin receptors, which are critical for regulating blood sugar.

“It also activates incretins, hormones in your GI tract that affect the amount of insulin released by your body after eating.” 

No wonder he hails berberine as “The most powerful new diabetes remedy.”


Julian Whitaker, M.D., acclaimed for his landmark work reversing diabetes, adds: “Berberine is poised to become one of our most powerful natural therapies for preventing and treating diabetes. It’s at the top of my list of recommendations if you have diabetes.”


And Fred Pescatore, M.D., who writes a leading newsletter on natural diabetes cures, is super enthusiastic about berberine.  He reports, “This is the natural remedy that allows my patients with diabetes to finally get off of their medications.”


Yet if berberine is such great news for people with diabetes, why do so few people know about it?

The answer is simple:  Conventional medicine wants to keep you dependent on their treatments: Prescription drugs, insulin shots, blood tests and doctor visits.  And when you consider more than 100 million Americans are diabetic or pre-diabetic, the costs add up to BILLIONS OF DOLLARS in treatments every year.

No wonder they’d love it if you NEVER learned about diabetes-defeating secrets such as berberine. 

But now, you can learn the REAL story about berberine plus more than 50 other NEW natural remedies in a breakthrough book I’ve just published, Defeat High Blood Sugar--Naturally!

My name is Lee Euler, president of Natural Health Insiders, and I know this information will be life-saving for you and for anyone suffering from diabetes.

Natural Health Insiders is dedicated to reporting the newest health breakthroughs and remedies ignored or missed by the medical establishment: Safe, natural, affordable therapies backed by modern science.  And never before have so many advanced, drug-free secrets for defeating diabetes been compiled in one book.

Its author, Bill Gottlieb, has written a dozen natural health books that have sold millions of copies, and he outdid himself for this book.  Bill personally interviewed over 40 leading natural health doctors and experts on natural remedies for diabetes.

In Defeat High Blood Sugar -- Naturally! you’ll discover the very best ways to take berberine for maximum blood sugar lowering results including…

But berberine is just one of the NEW natural, drug-free secrets for defeating diabetes you’ll discover in Defeat High Blood Sugar--Naturally!  In this new book, you’ll also discover…

How to slash dangerous post-meal sugar spikes
by HALF just by eating a special fiber

If you or a loved one are suffering from diabetes, you may know the riskiest time of day is two hours right after a big meal, when your body turns the food you eat into fuel.  This is when post-meal blood sugar spikes occur—and these spikes are VERY DANGEROUS!

Glucose spikes trigger an increase in artery-clogging cholesterol…harden your arteries…thicken your blood…boost inflammatory factors that drive heart disease …unleash a torrent of deadly free radicals…and dramatically increase your risk of heart attack or stroke.

Many people with diabetes try to blunt post-meal sugar spikes by injecting more insulin…taking other diabetes medications that stimulate the pancreas to secrete extra insulin…or by eating foods that rank low on the Glycemic Index.  But now, there’s a much easier, more effective way for you to stop post-meal sugar spikes before they harm you.

It’s a unique super fiber formulated by Michael Lyon, M.D., medical director of the Canadian Centre for Functional Medicine.

This super fiber is far superior to any ordinary fiber.  For example, it has three to five times the viscosity than other soluble fibers, so it’s better at slowing the digestion of carbs and keeping your blood sugar levels steady.

Dr. Lyon and his colleagues have conducted three studies on this super fiber and its effect on post-meal blood sugar spikes, and the results have been spectacular!

As reported in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, it…

Reduces blood sugar spikes following a meal by 50%!  Taken right before the meal, this super fiber cut post-meal blood sugar levels in HALF—a huge decrease. And the more the subjects took, the lower their post-meal blood sugar!

In addition, this super fiber taken at dinner lowered blood glucose levels after the next morning’s breakfast! It lowered blood sugar and kept it lower for hours!

Controls post-meal sugar spikes no matter the food!  In another study, Dr. Lyon and his colleagues wanted to see if this fiber could control post-meal glucose levels after subjects ate various foods sprinkled with it…like rice, strawberry yogurt, cornflakes, granola, white bread and a frozen turkey dinner.

“Sprinkling or incorporation of [this super fiber] into a variety of different foods is highly effective in reducing postprandial glycemia,” concluded researchers in Nutrition Journal.

But that’s not all. This super fiber also…

Lowers overall blood sugar!  Mark Hyman, M.D., chairman of the Institute for Functional Medicine, adds, “This fiber has profound effects on glucose, insulin, A1C.  It can lower your blood sugar after meals by 50%, your overall blood sugar levels by 23% and your bad LDL cholesterol by 20%.”

Lowers the glycemic index of high GI foods by up to 60 percent!  Glycemic index is a measure of how fast carbs turn into blood sugar after you eat them.  This super fiber turns low-fiber carbs into high-fiber carbs that turn into blood sugar at a slower rate.  This reduction is an effect never before produced by any other fiber!

Melts off unwanted fat! In a clinical study, twenty-nine overweight people took this super fiber before meals, 2 to 3 times a day, for two weeks.  They lost an average of 12.7 pounds…their waist size shrunk by nearly 5 inches…and their percentage of body fat dropped by 2.4!

These are amazing results, wouldn’t you say?  But the news is even better!

In the pages of Defeat High Blood Sugar--Naturally! you’ll discover the name of this super fiber and Dr. Lyon’s specific recommendations, including…

But this super fiber is just one of more than 50 NEW natural secrets for defeating diabetes you’ll discover in Defeat High Blood Sugar--Naturally!  This complete guide to beating diabetes WITHOUT drugs or major lifestyle changes also includes how you can ease, even end, horrible symptoms of diabetes.  For example, consider…

How a man suffering for years with diabetes
went from wheelchair to walking again!

If you’re suffering from toes and feet that hurt, burn, tingle with electric shocks, cramp or feel so numb it's hard to find your footing, then you’ll know how one man with diabetes felt.

This very wealthy and prominent man had been treated for diabetic complications —including nerve damage to his feet—for years by a big, prestigious university…but with no success.  So he ended up in a wheelchair.

But then he began to take an amazing super antioxidant and what happened next was like a miracle. Within three months he was able to walk again—a remarkable reversal of his complications.

A team of researchers from the University of British Columbia writes that this antioxidant works to “manage diabetic complications” with its “clearest benefit…in patients with diabetic neuropathy [nerve pain].”

And on page 143, you’ll discover exactly how this man used this super antioxidant to overcome diabetic neuropathy, get out of his wheelchair and walk again.

But that’s not all. This all-new book also reveals…

The “anti-diabetic” herb that reduces
deadly A1C levels by 38 percent!

Controlling high blood sugar and post-meal sugar spikes is vital if you want to defeat diabetes.  But you’ve also got to lower and control your average blood sugar in the longer term—measured by the A1C blood test.

An A1C of 5.6% or lower is normal…5.7% to 6.4% is prediabetes…and if your A1C is 6.5% or higher, you’ve got type 2 diabetes.

How important is it for you to lower your A1C?  Life-saving!

The large-scale EPIC-Norfolk study published in Annals of Internal Medicine reported that A1C predicted heart disease in people with supposedly normal blood sugar, shocking researchers.

In addition, a study in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology warned that the likelihood of a protein associated with heart muscle damage was doubled in people with an A1C over 6.4%.

But now, there’s an ancient herb with modern medicinal power that delivers “remarkable” results for lowering A1C and other blood sugar numbers that NO drug can achieve.

For centuries, Ayurvedic healers in India and Chinese natural doctors have used its seeds as a healing tonic—and doctors in Ireland have hailed it as exerting “anti-diabetic effects.”

Now, modern medicine confirms its power at quelling diabetes.

In a study reported in the Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine, 60 patients with diabetes whose disease wasn’t well-controlled with drugs, took either the drug and this herb or the drug and a placebo.

After three months, those taking this herb had a “remarkable decrease” in A1C…fasting blood glucose…post-meal glucose levels and—this is important—in their diabetes symptoms.  They could feel the difference!

In addition, the Journal of Ethnopharmacology reports that this ancient herb lowers long-term blood sugar levels (A1C) by 1.13%—rivaling the power of many diabetic medicines.

And here’s an online comment about its power to significantly lower A1C: “My diabetes level (A1C) has dropped from 10.9% to 7.9%.”  That’s a 38 percent reduction in A1C!

The herb that’s better than diet and exercise!

In yet another eye-opening study, doctors at India’s Jaipur Diabetes Center divided 25 people newly diagnosed with diabetes into two groups.  Half took this herb; the other started a diet and exercise program.

Two months later, both groups had experienced substantial drops in daily blood sugar levels.  The group taking this ancient herb saw blood sugar levels fall from 148 to 119.

Even better, those taking the herb had much better insulin numbers—56% lower levels of insulin…19% less insulin resistance…and 19% more insulin sensitivity!  And all with no changes in diet or no exercise!

In the newly-published book Defeat High Blood Sugar--Naturally! you’ll discover…

    In just a bit, you’ll discover the best vitamins, minerals and nutrients for drug-free glucose control…herbal diabetes cures that can lower your blood sugar and eliminate nerve pain and diabetic ulcers…and anti-diabetic super foods that allow you to enjoy many of your favorite foods and still beat diabetes.

But first, let me warn you about…

The slippery slope of diabetes drugs

If you or a loved one has diabetes, then chances are good you’re now taking or have taken a prescription drug for diabetes.  To be frank, many people with diabetes take these drugs with complete faith in their doctors and pharmaceutical companies.

They believe these drugs are safe, which as you’ll see, they’re NOT. But worst of all, these drugs give people the false belief that if their numbers stay in the normal range, diabetes is under control.  Unfortunately, the damage done by diabetes often continues—even if blood sugar and A1C are kept in the “normal” range.

In the new book Defeat High Blood Sugar--Naturally! you’ll get the ugly truth about some of these drugs you’re not hearing such as…

Is a side effect of the newest diabetes drugs…cancer?  UCLA researchers shockingly report that people with diabetes who take these new drugs have nearly three times more cases of pancreatic cancer compared to those taking other types of diabetes drugs.  “The safety of these drugs can no longer be assumed.”  Find out names of these dangerous new diabetes drugs on page 19.

Best-selling diabetes drug nearly triples your risk of vision loss…doubles the risk of bone fractures in women…and triples your risk of bladder cancer, according to the National Institutes of Health.  You’ll be shocked when you see page 21 and read the name of this drug.

Insulin is safe, right?  WRONG!  Reliance on insulin almost doubles your risk of heart attack and increases your risk of stroke and cancer by 43 percent.  Based on a 2013 study of over 84,000 people as reported in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism. See page 22 for more hidden risks of diabetic drugs.

“Most popular diabetes medications don’t address the causes of ongoing blood sugar problems or reverse diabetes,” says Suzy Cohen, RPh, a licensed pharmacist and author of Diabetes Without Drugs.  See page 18 to found out how you can get off the medication merry-go-round.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not change your medications without consulting with your doctor.

The information you’ll discover in the 241 pages of Defeat High Blood Sugar -- Naturally! will give you the facts you need about prescription drugs—as well as natural alternatives—so you and your doctor can make the best choices for your diabetes care and treatment.

Now, just as promised, here are other remarkable NEW secrets for defeating diabetes without drugs revealed in Defeat High Blood Sugar--Naturally!

Lower your blood sugar in 90 minutes:
From blood sugar “way over 200 to 99!”

Amazing results like these are a reality with a folk remedy—a tropical plant grown in Asia with thick waxy leaves and purple flowers—now proven by 21st century medicine.

One study in Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice reported that 19 people with diabetes who took an extract of this botanical wonder saw their blood sugar plummet, fast—in 90 minutes.  And one person commented online that his blood sugar dropped from over 200 to 99 after taking it!  See page 181, and find out how easy it is to buy this herb—plus the right form and dosage to take.

Bring dormant insulin-making cells back to life!

You need the beta cells in your pancreas to crank out natural levels of insulin. But for most people with diabetes, beta cells get so worn out they are dormant or nearly dead.

Yet startling new research shows that a vine-like plant from India regenerates insulin-making beta cells so effectively it’s like you’re bringing them back to life!

What’s more, naturopathic physician Dr. Michael Baker says this plant powerhouse could normalize blood sugar in 90 percent of people with diabetes.  Even better, a unique new form of it is revealed on page 186 that outperforms old forms by 42 percent.  You could see high blood sugar fall 70-80 points in no time flat!

How to avoid the family curse of diabetes

One woman wrote online that three out of her four siblings suffer from diabetes.  But this woman keeps her blood sugar in the 90s.  How?  By taking a trace mineral and the vitamin combo you can find in any supermarket.  See page 113 for how much to take.

Remarkably, this pennies-a-day trace mineral works wonders on ANY kind of diabetes: type 2, type 1, gestational and steroid-induced diabetes.  Every study showed it worked on improving the body’s use of insulin and balancing blood sugar levels, as you’ll see on page 108.

Delicious shake KILLS type-2 diabetes,
something drugs couldn’t do!

A study conducted in Brazil revealed that twenty people with type-2 diabetes, whose blood sugar wasn’t controlled by drugs, drank a probiotic shake every day for two months.  That’s right, a shake with “good” bacteria in it.  The results?  Stunning!

Just by rejuvenating their colons with healthy bacteria, they saw their high blood sugar drop an average of 74 points…from 191 to 117!  Those drinking the shake also had an average drop of 26% in total cholesterol and 41% in triglycerides.  But not just any probiotics will do!  See page 55 to find out the two special strains of probiotics used in this delicious, diabetes-beating shake.

Even better, with the secrets revealed in the 241-page book Defeat High Blood Sugar -- Naturally!…

…you can lower your blood sugar without giving up all the foods you love

Most “diabetes reversal” programs require you to make drastic lifestyle changes.  It’s hard to do – and the fact is, many people with diabetes don’t – and suffer terrible consequences. But there IS another way. . .

By reading Defeat High Blood Sugar--Naturally! you’ll discover how to defeat diabetes without drastic changes in the way you eat.

For example, on page 79 of this new book you’ll discover a unique natural pill that cuts your intake of carbohydrates dramatically, but without eating fewer carbs!

Just to give you an example: You can eat two cups of delicious pasta—and by taking this carb blocker at the same time, it’s like you only ate one cup…all without carb overload or blood sugar spikes.

The same goes for potatoes, white rice, even cakes and cookies. If it sounds too good to be true, read on!

One New York woman lost 76 pounds, lowered her blood sugar and defeated carb cravings just by taking a couple of these pills whenever she ate carbs.

And a California woman with a 30-year history of high blood sugar and hypersensivity to carbs took this unique carb-blocking supplement and evened out her blood sugar in no time flat.

The secret behind this amazing carb blocker and blood sugar regulator is found in a little known type of bean most people overlook.  Yet on page 85 of Defeat High Blood Sugar--Naturally! you’ll discover the best brand and dosage to take so you can eat just about all the carbs you want and still defeat blood sugar problems!

But I’m just getting started.  There are even more secrets for eating the foods you love…without worrying about sending your blood sugar through the roof… revealed in this new book.

Starch is the arch enemy of balanced blood sugar, right?
Not anymore!

Starch is the King of Carbs.   It’s found in potatoes, bread, rice, pasta and corn.  Starch is glucose on steroids, hell-bent on sending your blood sugar through the roof.

But now, as you’ll see on page 213 of this new book, there’s a new resistant starch that provides a wealth of glucose-balancing, fat-burning benefits so you can enjoy these foods again without worry!

This unique form of starch is slowly digested…only partially digested in your small intestines…fuels the friendly bacteria in your colon…and improves your blood sugar.

Simply replace 25% of the regular flour you use when you cook or bake with this special starch—and the results will astound you.

You can once again enjoy rich, delicious bread, muffins and cookies and…

One woman writes, “My blood sugar went down to normal without medications and I lost 34 pounds”—with a delicious morning milkshake and all the breads, cakes and cookies she loves.  Her secret?  Resistant starch!

See page 217 of this book for top recommended brands of flour, bread, pastas, and bake mixes using resistant starch.

But there’s even more that you’ll discover in Defeat High Blood Sugar--Naturally!  You’ll also learn all about how…

89% of hard-to-heal diabetic skin ulcers, healed!

If you think a foot ulcer is just a “minor” symptoms of diabetes, THINK AGAIN!

Every year, 65,000 with diabetes have a foot or leg amputated, and in most every case, the problem started with ulcers on the skin of their feet.

Not only that, if you have diabetes AND a foot ulcer, studies show you’re three times more likely to die of a heart attack…41 percent more likely to die of a stroke…and 89 percent more likely to die of any cause.

But now, you can prevent and heal diabetic foot ulcers with a powerful natural substance found in the bark of a tree only grown in France.

In a study conducted by Italian and German doctors, 30 people with diabetic foot ulcers were treated with this pine bark breakthrough or standard medication like antibiotics.  After just six weeks, 89% of those taking the pine bark had complete healing of their foot ulcers…compared to only 61% of those taking the standard medication. 

Best yet, on page 167 of this new book, you’ll discover the exact treatment used to bring about such great results.

BONUS: Restore fading vision caused by diabetes

Even better, this unique pine bark also stops the progression of retinopathy and improves vision, as proven in studies involving nearly 1,300 people with diabetes.

In one study, 24 people suffering from diabetic retinopathy took it.  The results?  75 percent of them could see better and their ability to read an eye chart improved by 18 percent!  See page 171 for the best ways to take this French pine bark to beat nerve and vision problems.

But that’s not all.  In Defeat High Blood Sugar--Naturally! you’ll also discover…

Unusual diabetes remedies that sound strange—
but work like gangbusters!

Take for instance…

How you can reverse insulin resistance with…chocolate! Italian scientists studied 19 people with diabetes and pre-diabetes.  These people then began eating chocolate and had lower insulin resistance…better functioning of insulin-making beta cells…lower blood pressure…lower LDL cholesterol…and better circulation.  See page 230 to learn the type of chocolate that worked best.

How you can beat diabetes with a lip-smacking coconut drink!  Turns out it's rich in “good” bacteria that make stubborn high blood sugar plummet. Page 57.

Why a “miracle cure” for weight loss is miraculous for diabetes, too! A famous TV doctor reported that a certain substance found in coffee beans is the “magic” weight loss cure.  But now we know it can also mean 29% less glucose and 38% less insulin.  See why on page 64.

The amazing substance found in lemons that de-activates the protein that poisons your pancreas and triggers diabetes.  This fiber found in citrus fruits protects your eyes, kidneys and heart from devastating diabetic damage, page 74.

The lowest blood sugar in 10 years! How one man with diabetes got these results by taking this mineral AND this omega-3 fatty acid.  See which one on page 114.

The pennies-a-day vitamin that helps you dodge diabetic liver disease.  If you’re suffering from diabetes, you may also be suffering from non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.  Research shows vitamin D can be a lifesaver for these problems.  On page 122,  M.D. and four-time New York Times best-selling author reveals best form and dose of vitamin D to take to stop diabetes and protect your liver.

Super glucose-regulating spice.  You may already know that cinnamon can help reduce your blood sugar. But the powerful form of cinnamon revealed on page 160 is twenty times more potent than regular cinnamon at sparking insulin activity, report scientists at USDA’s Beltsville Human Nutrition Research Center.

Is it hard for you to stay on diets like the Zone and Atkins to lower blood sugar?  Forget ‘em!  This secret uses a delicious type of vinegar to help you lose weight and win the war against diabetes without giving up all your favorite foods, page 196.

Tame blood sugar spikes and raging appetite with a delicious secret from the sea.  See page 222 to discover how yummy snacks made with a water-grown plant can do wonders for diabetes.

No more slave to restrictive dieting!  See page 238 for one simple eating trick.  It helped Paul control his diabetes with ease—without sacrificing all the foods he loves.

And many, many more NEW natural secrets for defeating diabetes.  In fact…

Here are seven unique features of this book found
nowhere else—and one thing you won’t find in this book!

Defeat High Blood Sugar--Naturally! is the most unique book written to date on defeating diabetes with Mother Nature’s secrets.  That’s because, for the first time, you’ll discover all of this lifesaving information in one source…

  1. New super supplements and superfoods used by America’s best alternative doctors to defeat diabetes.  The nation’s most respected natural health practitioners reveal new secrets that are helping their patients with diabetes lower fasting blood sugar, A1C and post-meal glucose—all while reversing devastating diabetic symptoms. 
  2. Clinically-proven natural alternatives to diabetes drugs, insulin shots and other conventional treatments.  These natural remedies for conquering diabetes and pre-diabetes are based on years of rigorous clinical testing and solid scientific research. You’ll get the references and journal articles where these breakthrough studies are published—and you can show them to your doctor.    
  3. Specific dosages to take if you want to get the best diabetes-beating results.  You’ll be privy to the exact milligrams and days of treatment for the best natural healing results.  No guesswork here.
  4. The time-tested results from hundreds of people with diabetes.  These folks will share their remarkable stories of overcoming years, even decades, of diabetes and how they’re now enjoying the best blood sugar numbers in their lives—all safely, naturally and without restrictive dieting or exhausting exercise.
  5. The top recommended brands to buy.  You’ll discover the “go-to” brands of natural diabetic remedies that leading natural doctors and people battling diabetes are using for astounding results. This book names the specific natural breakthroughs to buy for conquering diabetes once and for all.  
  6. The truth about conventional diabetes treatments you’re likely not hearing.  Discover the dirty little secrets about best-selling diabetes drugs, insulin shots and other conventional treatments that may make your diabetes symptoms worse, not better.
  7. Remarkable money-saving secrets for defeating diabetes.  In 2012 alone, the cost of treating diabetes in the U.S. hit a staggering $245 billion.  What’s more, has reported that the “cost of diabetes drugs skyrockets for Americans.”  Even if you have great insurance, the cost of multiple diabetes drugs could be as high as $200 a month.  But you’ll discover low-cost natural secrets that could save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars a year.
  8. And here’s the one thing you won’t find. 

  9. You won’t find any advertising sales hype for these diabetes-beating products or supplements.  This book is written from a 100% independent view—not sponsored by any vitamin or supplement company.   So you get the real story—all to help you find the best natural remedies for diabetes that’ll work for you.

Even better…

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Don’t let diabetes steal away your mobility, your vision, your health or your life.
Now, you or a loved one can reverse its damage or avoid its fate WITHOUT drugs or  drastic lifestyle changes.  But don’t wait—order now!

Over the years, diabetes will have devastating effects on your health and that of any of your loved ones who may be suffering, too.

Perhaps no disease is more damaging to your heart, arteries, nerves, eyes, kidneys or brain or is more likely to lead to premature aging and early death than diabetes.

As you’ve read, diabetes drugs are a slippery slope.  They may help you get some temporary relief but do not address the root causes of your problems.  And in some cases, they will make diabetes worse not better.  And that’s not even mentioning their deadly side effects, including cancer in some cases!

But now, for the first time, you can discover the super supplements and super foods of America’s best alternative doctors for defeating diabetes without drugs, without doctors and without major changes to your diet.

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  Lee Euler, Publisher

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