How Carolyn Reversed Her Alzheimer's by Disobeying Her Doctor

This all-natural protein melts away the brain-clogging mineral
that triggers memory loss, dementia and Alzheimer's—
and cuts brain cell death in half!

And yet this Nobel Prize-winning discovery
is being ignored by 99% of doctors

Dear Friend,

If you or someone you care about is suffering from memory loss, dementia or Alzheimer's…

…then you know how cruel these diseases can be: The ever-increasing small frustrations and memory lapses. The gradual loss of cherished independence. The shocking changes in behavior. And eventually, the heartbreak of not even remembering loved ones, or how to perform basic functions like eating, going to the bathroom or getting dressed.

The emotional and physical toll it takes on the patient—as well as on the entire family—can be devastating.

That's why it's no exaggeration to say that the news of the breakthroughs I'm about to reveal could literally have a life-changing effect for you.

Because a small group of maverick physicians around the country is revolutionizing the treatment of memory loss, dementia and Alzheimer's—pioneering groundbreaking natural solutions that are simple, safe and inexpensive.

Best of all, these solutions are available and being used successfully right now. Even while most doctors still basically throw up their hands when it comes to memory loss, dementia and Alzheimer's, using words like "hopeless" and "irreversible," and prescribing drugs that are expensive, dangerous, and too often completely ineffective.

It's hard to believe, I know.

That's why I'd like to tell you about Carolyn...

It started when she began to feel her memory slipping…

A wake-up call at church…

Carolyn's husband knew something was seriously wrong when the pastor asked the congregation to turn to a certain passage in the Bible. Her husband knew that Carolyn knew her Bible backwards and forwards. But that day, he watched in horror as she started bumbling and couldn't find her place.

He insisted they go to the doctor.

The diagnosis devastated both of them: early-stage Alzheimer's. When the doctor started talking about drugs, Carolyn asked if there was anything natural that could be done for her.

"I don't know about that," replied the doctor. "I only prescribe Aricept."

Carolyn called a friend, a nurse who works with people with Alzheimer's. The friend said that in her experience, the patients who take drugs like Aricept must keep taking higher and higher dosages—sharply increasing the risk of dangerous side effects. And ironically, some of these side effects mimic Alzheimer's symptoms, such as depression, mood changes, confusion and hallucinations.

In fact, drugs like Aricept do nothing for the underlying disease process, are not effective for everyone, and, if they do help, do so only for a limited time. One courageous Johns Hopkins geriatric physician says the only reason these drugs are so widely used is "the understandable desperation of those who care for patients with Alzheimer's disease and a relentless promotional campaign by drug companies."

From nursing home to returning home

Instead, Carolyn's friend told her about an amazing new supplement. She described a woman confined to a nursing home who couldn't even recognize her daughter any more. Then the daughter began giving her this supplement twice a day and three weeks later her mom was able to leave the nursing home.

She once again knew her daughter and the grandchildren. The supplement had completely turned around her quality of life.

Carolyn took the doctor's Aricept for just seven days. But on the eighth day, she instead started taking the supplement her friend had suggested. By the second week, she says, she "started feeling a huge difference."

She stopped forgetting appointments. And she started remembering little things again, such as putting on the coffee at night so it would be ready in the morning.

On her next doctor visit, he talked to her and tested her for a long time. Finally he said, "I'm just amazed. You're doing remarkably well. Usually, Aricept doesn't work this quickly." In fact, her test scores had improved by an unheard-of 150%!

Carolyn then confessed that she had stopped taking the Aricept and was taking a completely natural supplement instead.

The doctor wasn't upset at all. In fact, he told Carolyn, "I've got a lot of patients that need to be on that."

He also told her that if she was taking the Aricept, she would have had to come in periodically for lab work to see if it was damaging her liver. But that was unnecessary now. "I really think you're onto something," he told her.

"You don't have to lose your mind
before you die"

Carolyn told the doctor she was so happy she "could cry happy tears."

"I'd gotten withdrawn and didn't want to do anything," Carolyn says. "Now I get up at six. I've got so much energy. I don't feel depressed. I'm doing so well and have started so many projects, now my husband is afraid I'll overdo it!

"I pride myself on being alert and clear thinking and helping people. But I'd gotten to where I couldn't make decisions. I just wasn't thinking right, and that's worse than any disease.

"Now I've got my good attitude back. I really don't think you have to lose your mind before you die."

It's like cleaning out the cobwebs!

What caused this amazing transformation in Carolyn? No magic. Just pure science…

The active ingredient in the supplement Carolyn took is called apoaequorin—a protein with a very important property: It binds itself to harmful excess calcium in your brain cells.

This protein is so important that the guy who discovered it won the Nobel Prize! The discovery was far more important than either the scientist or the Nobel committee knew at the time. This protein's calcium-binding properties may save the mental health of millions of people.

You see, our brains need a certain amount of calcium for good cell-to-cell communications. But as we age, our ability to get rid of excess calcium slows down. The brain's delicate calcium balance gets thrown out of whack, inflammation sets in and cell death skyrockets. Those inflamed and dying brain cells can trigger memory loss and even Alzheimer's.

Apoaequorin is a completely safe protein you already have in your own body. It can reverse this process. As it did for Carolyn.

In fact, a major study proved that it can keep brain cells alive longer and cut cell death by up to 50%.

In addition, a recent study confirmed that it significantly improves memory, attention and concentration. Many people see improvement in as little as a week.

Just Released! Startling new discoveries proven to beat Alzheimer's and other forms of memory loss

You can find out more about apoaequorin from the maverick doctor who uses it, including where to find the only supplement that contains this miraculous ingredient. It's all in a book I'm especially proud to have just published: AWAKENING FROM ALZHEIMER'S: How 9 Maverick Doctors are Reversing Alzheimer's, Dementia and Memory Loss.

My name is Lee Euler, president of Natural Health Insiders—a publishing company that specializes in uncovering new ways to stop and reverse today's most deadly and feared health problems.

I only wish this book had been available when my own mother suffered from dementia. Because it's filled with more than a dozen safe, simple, and inexpensive ways to stop and even reverse memory loss, dementia and Alzheimer's—from nine highly qualified physicians spearheading a quiet revolution in how we think about and treat memory problems.

Why so many remedies? Because there are many causes of memory loss, dementia and Alzheimer's. So different solutions work for different people.

For example…

"We Got Mom Back!"

The whole family was at their wit's end.

Their 88 year-old mother, a former university professor, had become increasingly confused—experiencing both memory loss as well as mental decline.

Finally, in desperation, they took her to see a new physician—a doctor with some very different ideas about treating this so-called "hopeless" condition.

He simply changed some of the foods she was eating and put her on some nutritional supplements.

After three months, the family reported to the doctor:

"She has turned around dramatically and is now sharp as a tack. WE GOT MOM BACK!"

Time and time again in reading reports and talking to caregivers about the remedies in this book, we were struck by the number of times we heard variations of this phrase, from "We got mom back!" to "Dad is his old self again."

Of course, the doctor who brought their mom back was no ordinary doctor. He's one of the nine maverick physicians you'll meet in our new book AWAKENING FROM ALZHEIMER'S.

This doctor uses foods and nutrition to prevent and reverse memory-related problems. And on page 60, you'll find out exactly what he did that reversed this woman's severe and frightening memory loss and mental decline.

Frankly, it angers me that these remedies have, for the most part, been ignored or dismissed by the vast majority of mainstream medical authorities. But what can you expect when treating and caring for Alzheimer's patients is a $24.6 billion-a-year business—and many of these natural remedies cost a fraction of even the least expensive Alzheimer's drugs?

Another obstacle to their acceptance is that physicians today don't have time to investigate new natural solutions (although AWAKENING FROM ALZHEIMER'S will make that a lot easier!) or determine which one might be appropriate for a given patient. They barely have time to write the standard prescription and move on to the next patient.

But thanks to our handful of maverick physicians, the healing nevertheless goes on…

The weird "blue pee" powder
that restored Jimmy's memory

At 72, Jimmy was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.

He was putting sugar in the refrigerator and suffering mood swings. He completely "blanked out" every now and then.

"If Jimmy went to the shed," says his wife, "he may have forgotten what he was about to do."

Today, Jimmy is a different man. He has regained his confidence. He runs a trout fishery and is an enthusiastic handyman. And now when he goes to the shed for something, his wife says he remembers why.

What did Jimmy do to begin to reverse this "irreversible" disease?

He took a harmless, inexpensive powder first formulated more than 100 years ago.

A professor who headed a study of this powder was shocked by its effects on the study's participants. He declared:

"We appear to be bringing the worst affected parts of the brain back to life. This is the most significant development in the treatment of Alzheimer's since Alois Alzheimer discovered it in 1907."

This miraculous powder appears to work by stimulating the mitochondria, which are like biological super-batteries that power every cell in your body.

Because your brain is loaded with these mitochondria, their proper functioning is essential for treating and preventing age-related disorders like Alzheimer's.

On page 48, the doctor who is our expert on this wonder-powder will tell you all about it, reveal the only place you should purchase it from, and recommend the exact amount to take.

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Doctor calls Bill's recovery "a miracle"

After four years on Aricept, Nita's beloved husband Bill was rapidly sliding downhill into advanced Alzheimer's.

He couldn't dress himself and had no idea where the bathroom or kitchen was. Helpless as a child, he could barely speak, wouldn't get out of bed, and was becoming more and more aggressive and hard to handle.

The doctor told Nita to send him to a nursing home and prepare for the worst.

That's when she stumbled on a little-known fatty acid some people use to sharpen their memories. In fact, one doctor calls it "by far the best of all drugs and nutritional supplements we have ever tested for retarding Age Associated Memory Impairment."

Astonishingly, the improvements began after just 30 days…

Bill's mental functioning, strength and liveliness returned. He began cutting the lawn again with a power mower—something he couldn't do for the past ten years! Now he's functioning with complete independence. He's not only feeding himself—he's cooking for himself!

When Nita took Bill for his annual exam, the doctor's jaw dropped. "His recovery is nothing short of a miracle," said the doctor.

This fatty acid is a substance your body makes for itself. But unfortunately, your body produces less and less as you age. And without enough of it, brain cell membranes get rigid, neural communications falter, and your brain cells don't get enough fuel. The result: Confusion, brain fog, memory loss, depression, mental decline.

But with enough of it, confusion lifts, brain fog clears, memory returns, depression gives way to happiness, and mental decline reverses.

No wonder this supplement has been proven in 16 clinical trials to reverse age-related decline (by up to 14 years!)—and even helps you beat back the blues as well!

For the name of this amazing supplement and exact dosages, see page 65 of AWAKENING FROM ALZHEIMER'S.

The great Alzheimer's cover-up:
Rampant misdiagnosis

Before I tell you about more ways to slow, stop and reverse memory loss, dementia and Alzheimer's, I want to tell you something I found pretty shocking, to say the least…

Some people who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's don't actually have it! One of our doctors tells us that the number of misdiagnoses could be more than half of all cases.

How does he know?

It seems that some researchers decided to take a good look at the brains of hundreds of people who died after having been diagnosed with Alzheimer's.

They were shocked to find that fully one half of them did not have the tell-tale plaque tangles that are the hallmark of the disease.

The problem is that Alzheimer's is a notoriously difficult disease to diagnose accurately—especially in its early stages. (That's why it's sometimes called "the great masquerader.")

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That's why you'll want to see page 84 of AWAKENING FROM ALZHEIMER'S, where you'll find a list of common problems that can lead to a misdiagnosis of Alzheimer's. For example, I was shocked to find that certain hormone imbalances—and even something as simple as not drinking enough water—can actually trigger memory loss and lead to a wrong diagnosis of Alzheimer's!

Because it's so important that you find the right doctor and get the right tests and the right diagnosis, I'm going to send you a special FREE bonus report with your copy of AWAKENING FROM ALZHEIMER'S. The title of this free gift is 15 Tests Your Doctor Must Give You to Diagnose Alzheimer's.

In this FREE report, you'll discover:

The oil that feeds starving brains

If you've done any research at all about natural remedies for Alzheimer's, you may have heard about the wonders of coconut oil.

The coconut oil cure isn't always as simple as just running to the health food store and picking up a jar. But when it works, the results can be amazing.


At age 56, Steve could no longer function and simply wandered aimlessly around the house, sometimes with just one shoe, often without even recognizing his own family. He couldn't remember the season, the month or the day of the week.

His MRI showed severe damage to his brain's hippocampus and his frontal and parietal lobes. And he tested positive for the genetic marker of Alzheimer's.

Heartbroken, Mary wrote: "It has been a nightmare to watch his decline. Every night, we hold each other, and I wonder how many more times we will get to do this."

But Mary refused to give up. She put her medical research skills to work and found that MCT oil—which is found in coconut oil—improves memory in Alzheimer's patients.

She bought a jar of coconut oil and, one morning, secretly added two teaspoons to Steve's oatmeal. Then, in her own words, she "prayed harder than I'd ever prayed in my life."

After breakfast, she drove Steve to a checkup where he took the same mental status test he had taken the day before. Amazingly, he scored 28% higher! (And this was after just a single morning of two teaspoons of the oil!) "It was like the oil kicked in and he could think clearly again," Mary says. "We were ecstatic."

He continued to improve a bit more every day. By day five, his natural good humor returned and he could feel "the fog lift." Today he jogs daily, volunteers at the local hospital, mows the lawn and takes care of chores around the house. His tremor has vanished. He reads articles in Scientific American. And he loves spending time with his family.

And every day he takes a mixture of coconut oil and pure MCT oil.

What makes MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) oil so effective?

Brains afflicted with Alzheimer's have trouble utilizing glucose. Neurons become starved for fuel and start to die. MCT oil rescues them by enabling the liver to create an alternate high-energy brain fuel called ketones. And since a well-fed brain is a happy and well-functioning brain, miracles can begin to happen.

On page 16 of AWAKENING FROM ALZHEIMER'S, you'll find:

The quick and easy way
to instantly improve an Alzheimer's patient. Make sure to try this first…

By the way, there's something I want you to do before you try any of the remedies in AWAKENING FROM ALZHEIMER'S.

Because according to one of our doctors, one of the country's foremost practitioners of complementary medicine, this one easy step is the quickest and easiest way to improve an Alzheimer's patient.

And it is simply this: Work with a physician to get the patient off the three common medications on page 40 of AWAKENING FROM ALZHEIMER'S. Because each of these drugs has been shown to have a decidedly negative effect on the mental functioning of Alzheimer's patients.

In fact, this renowned doctor told me he's seen many of his Alzheimer's patients positively "light up" just by stopping these drugs.

Surely something so simple and easy—and which could even save you a small fortune in prescription expenses—is worth a try.

Tropical juice brings Coleen's father
"back to life"

Coleen's father was 64 when the memory and other problems started.

Diagnosed with a very aggressive form of Alzheimer's, he quickly slipped into a vegetative state. He didn't know anyone, couldn't feed himself, couldn't even talk.

A friend gave Coleen a bottle of a little-known tropical juice reported to have some remarkable restorative powers for Alzheimer's patients. With nothing to lose, she gave him some for a few days.

By the fifth day, he called his son by name. Then Coleen's mom called her and said:

"You've got to come see this! It's like he came back to life!"

Coleen's father had begun feeding himself again. Soon he was walking, talking, eating on his own, laughing and busy getting reacquainted with family and friends.

In AWAKENING FROM ALZHEIMER'S, you'll also read how Barbara G. is giving this juice to residents of the adult care home she runs—with "dramatic results."

three mangosteens

Seniors rave that the juice of this strange-looking fruit has brought their memories back. One doctor says it may be the world’s most powerful anti-inflammatory.

Scientists who studied it declared this juice "the most powerful anti-inflammatory discovered in decades." It works by restoring liver function, breaking down insulin resistance, and reversing chronic cell inflammation. Every one of these benefits is super-important for treating and preventing Alzheimer's. But put them all together in one juice and you may well have an excellent Alzheimer's tonic!

Now there's something I hesitate to tell you, lest you think this juice is some kind of unbelievable cure-all. But we're getting reports that it's reversing many other health problems as well—including migraines, asthma, sinus infection, back pain and susceptibility to colds and flu.

You'll find complete details on page 132, including the company we recommend you get the juice from, and where to get it in supplement form if you prefer.

Can vision problems literally drive you crazy?
The 7 surprising triggers of
Alzheimer's and dementia…

In talking to the doctors and researchers, we began to realize that there really are certain things that seem to trigger Alzheimer's and dementia.

And if you avoid them, you can cut your risk of either one dramatically. I'm talking about cutting it in half and maybe even in half yet again!

That's why, with your copy of AWAKENING FROM ALZHEIMER'S, I'm also going to send you yet another FREE Special Report: 7 Secret Triggers for Alzheimer's and Dementia.

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I want to tell you about one of them because it's something you can do right now that will cut your risk of Alzheimer's by more than half: Get your eyes checked and make sure any vision problems are corrected.

This may sound strange but it's a fact: Seniors with poor vision who visit an ophthalmologist at least once are 64 percent less likely to develop dementia, according to a university study. But if you have poor vision and you don't get a doctor's help, your risk of Alzheimer's skyrockets more than ten times over! It's true—your danger of contracting this dreaded disease goes up ten times if you neglect your vision!

In this FREE report, you'll also discover:

How the world's oldest Nobel winner
keeps her brain healthy… at 102!

If you're like me and you're determined to never suffer the ravages of Alzheimer's or any type of dementia or memory loss, here's some terrific news…

Dr. Rita Lev-Montalcini

Most of the remedies featured in AWAKENING FROM ALZHEIMER'S can do more than slow, stop and reverse memory loss, dementia and Alzheimer's. They can also prevent these problems in the first place. And they can make a good, healthy brain even better.

For example, on page 37, you'll read about a woman who won a Nobel Prize for discovering a substance that stimulates the growth of brain cells. It's necessary for anyone who wants to have proper brain function. And it's absolutely critical that Alzheimer's patients get enough of it.

She still takes a daily dose of her "fountain of mental youth" discovery. Perhaps that's why her mind is still sharp at age 102, and she still goes to the lab every single day.

On page 37, you'll find out about the mushroom that contains this amazing substance. The Chinese have known about it for centuries. In fact, its properties are so powerful that it was once strictly reserved only for the Emperor.

Miracle spice reduces inflammation

But that’s not all. You’ll also discover:

Parkinson's also reversed—thanks to
hidden connection with Alzheimer's…

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Alzheimer's and Parkinson's each strike half a million people every year.

And these diseases may have more in common than most people—even medical professionals—realize.

The only difference seems to be that they work in reverse. Alzheimer's eats away first at mental abilities, then moves on to the physical ones. Parkinson's robs you of physical abilities first, then goes after your mental skills.

What's more, the symptoms of both can be remarkably similar. Certain proteins, which are characteristic of Parkinson's disease, also play an important role in Alzheimer's. And a groundbreaking study in The Archives of Neurology found that adults with Parkinson's symptoms are up to eight times more likely to develop Alzheimer's.

So it's not surprising that fully five of the treatments in AWAKENING FROM ALZHEIMER'S also give new hope to those suffering from Parkinson's disease.

On page 18, for example, you'll find that in a study done on Parkinson's patients by Columbia University, one of the treatments in the book—one of the simplest and least expensive, in fact—improved every participant's ability to walk, and it reduced tremors and stiffness by an average of 43%.

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In addition, while researching this book, we uncovered something truly extraordinary…

It's a treatment that cutting-edge doctors are finding transforms the quality of life for their Parkinson's patients. (I've seen some before-and-after videos of patients who have received this all-natural treatment, and frankly I was shocked by what I saw.)

The treatment uses a super-powerful antioxidant delivered in a special way that makes it many times more powerful.

We decided this information was so important, we're including it as a third FREE bonus: How to Beat Parkinson's Disease. Because with one-and-a-half million people with Parkinson's in the United States, you may well know of someone with this terrible disease who could be helped.

Our hope—our mission—is to make a difference in the lives of as many people as possible who suffer from both of these awful diseases.

Is this book for you?

AWAKENING FROM ALZHEIMER'S belongs on your bookshelf—or, better still, at your fingertips—if:

  1. You or someone you love has been diagnosed with memory loss, dementia or Alzheimer's. You'll discover real hope and real alternatives.
  2. You or someone you love has been diagnosed with Parkinson's. What you'll find in the book and in the FREE Special Report, How to Beat Parkinson's Disease, will be truly eye-opening. And possibly life-changing.
  3. You want to be prepared if one day you or someone you love faces memory decline, dementia or Alzheimer's. Without knowledge like this at your fingertips, it's easy to be hustled by tradition-bound doctors down the path of more and more mind-numbing drugs and, before you know it, you've joined the 2 million Americans confined to nursing homes.
  4. You're worried about memory loss, dementia and Alzheimer's. This book will set your mind at ease that even a dreaded diagnosis of dementia or Alzheimer's doesn't have to be the fearsome death sentence most people think it is.
  5. You want to protect and even improve your precious memory. Many of the supplements and treatments in AWAKENING FROM ALZHEIMER'S are so safe, powerful and beneficial that they're being used by healthy people to protect and improve their memory—and to slash their risk of dementia or Alzheimer's.

Put this groundbreaking book to the test for 365 days completely at my risk—not yours. And keep it—even if you request a refund!

I'd love to tell you more about everything we learned from these nine amazing doctors (and all the researchers, caregivers and patients we've talked to) and especially about all the memory-revitalizing, dementia-beating, Alzheimer's-reversing remedies we uncovered.

But with results this dramatic, you really have to see for yourself. You've got to read about the breakthrough treatments, hear about the tests and studies that prove they work, and listen to the amazing stories from people whose lives have been changed.

I know you're skeptical. I certainly was when we started this project. After seeing what dementia did to my own mother and how it destroyed her quality of life, I wondered: Can lost memory really be restored? Can a disease as deadly and tenacious as Alzheimer's really be stopped and reversed?

But now I know the truth: That the answer to these questions is a resounding "YES!" And I want you to know as well.

That's why AWAKENING FROM ALZHEIMER'S is backed by a 365-day, one-full-year guarantee.

You can choose either a printed version sent by mail or the digital edition—which you can download immediately and begin reading just a few minutes from now.

Either way—printed version OR digital download—you must feel this book is one of the most outstanding investments you've ever made in your own health—and that of your loved ones.

If you decide it's not, for whatever reason, whether a day later or a year later, just let me know, and I'll rush you a cheerful and prompt 100% refund of every penny you paid. No questions asked.

That's right: You can take a full year to make up your mind, and STILL get all your money back.

And whether you get the digital or printed version, you don't need to return anything to get a refund. All you need to do is ask.

Plus, you get to keep all three bonus reports—7 Secret Triggers for Alzheimer's and Dementia, 15 Tests Your Doctor Must Give You to Diagnose Alzheimer's and How to Beat Parkinson's Disease—as my gift to you, just for taking the time to check out AWAKENING FROM ALZHEIMER'S.

Is it risky for me to let people get a refund as much as a year later? And to keep the book even if they request a refund?

My accountant certainly thinks so! But that's how much I believe in this brand-new, groundbreaking book. And that's how badly I want to be sure that I've done everything possible to make it as easy as possible for you to get your hands on a copy and see just what it can do.

Two sign posts

Two paths await…
which will you choose?

Congratulations on reading this far. You obviously care about preserving and restoring the brain's amazing capabilities—for yourself and for those you love.

Which means you may very well be at a crossroads right now.

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One path leads to resigned acceptance of the loss of memory and mental abilities that come with aging…of helplessness in the face of diseases such as dementia, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's…and of the inevitable loss of independence that comes with them.

The other path leads to real and proven ways to stop and even reverse the devastating effects of Alzheimer's, dementia and memory loss.

Shouldn't you simply take the next logical step, click on this link, and give this book a try and see for yourself if all that I say is true?

Because with our 365-day-money-back-and-keep-the-book guarantee, you have absolutely nothing to lose by trying these safe, natural, alternative remedies.

And any one of the breakthrough treatments in this book could change a life.

In fact, every one of the treatments in this book already HAS changed many lives.

Perhaps the next one will be yours—or that of someone you love.

Yours for a life full of fond memories,


Lee Euler, Publisher

Natural Health Insiders

P.S. Remember that along with AWAKENING FROM ALZHEIMER'S, you’ll receive these three valuable—and possibly life-saving—FREE bonuses:

FREE Bonus #1: 7 Secret Triggers for Alzheimer's and Dementia—Are you unknowingly putting yourself and those you love at risk?

FREE Bonus #2: 15 Tests Your Doctor Must Give You to Diagnose Alzheimer's—Autopsies show that doctors make mistakes when diagnosing Alzheimer's. A lot of mistakes. Here's what you need to know to protect yourself and your loved ones.

FREE Bonus #3: How to Beat Parkinson's Disease—Discover the groundbreaking new treatment that's transforming lives.

P.P.S. If you're counting on hearing about any of these solutions from your doctor, you may be in for a bit of a wait. Because even a great medical breakthrough can take years to move from being ignored or ridiculed to gaining acceptance. For example, after penicillin was discovered by Alexander Fleming, it took almost 20 years before physicians started to use it. Imagine: almost 20 years for something as obviously beneficial and life-saving as penicillin to start catching on!

That's why my advice is: Don't wait. Act now and start putting these incredible solutions to work for yourself and your loved ones right away.