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  • This 5,000-Year-Old Technique
    “Rewires” Alzheimer’s Brains

    Everyone from senators to celebrities to Wall Street stock traders are singing the praises of a 5,000-year-old technique to increase your health and wellbeing. And new studies are constantly coming out, verifying its physical, mental, and emotional value.  Now, a new study proves this ancient secret could also have a huge effect on Alzheimer’s disease [...]

  • This Alzheimer’s Threat Comes from
    the Last Place You’d Expect

    When you get older you often suffer symptoms that are put down to advancing age. Like less energy and more fatigue, increased body fat, reduced muscle mass and strength, sleep disturbances, poor concentration and memory, and reduced libido. And yet all these conditions can be due to a particular deficiency that is reaching epidemic proportions [...]

  • Do This Less if You Want
    to Keep A Healthy Brain
    into Old Age

    No doubt most of us have encountered the classic drinker who can’t remember what happened the night before. But it turns out that excessive use of alcohol may damage memory way beyond the morning after. Let’s take a look at the problem. . . Continued below… Hidden Constipation Syndrome – Have You Got It?     A [...]

  • This is One of the Best Secrets
    for Getting Smarter

    (And It Involves No Supplements, Foods or Drugs) While you may know that exercise promotes better brain function, one type of exercise may be especially effective for preserving your memory and thinking ability.  I realize “exercise” is a four-letter word for many people, but this type of exercise isn’t very hard work and doesn’t require [...]

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