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  • Is Your Alzheimer’s Risk Related to
    Your Ethnic Group?

    Researchers recently stumbled onto a crucial insight: Your chance of Alzheimer’s may be linked to what ethnic group you belong to. A study at the Rush University Medical Center in Chicago shows not only that African-Americans have a significantly increased chance of developing Alzheimer’s than whites whose ancestors came from Europe, but that the disease […]

  • Scientists Discover that Young Blood Injected into Old Animals Can Make Their Brains Young Again

    Years ago, TV quiz show hosts promoted a tonic that was supposed to be able to perk up “tired blood.” There wasn’t much to that product. What it mainly contained was a hefty dose of iron and a dash of alcohol to make its customers feel as though they had more pep and vim. While […]

  • Does Dirty Air Endanger Your Brain?

    When you breathe what is called “fine particle” air pollution day after day, the neurotoxins it contains can harm your brain as you age,1 according to a study at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. “Long-term exposure to air pollution showed harmful effects on the brain […]

  • Blood Tests Could Point to Alzheimer’s Ten Years Before Symptoms Appear

    Scientists have been working to create a blood test for Alzheimer’s for some time. If only they could detect this deadly disease years before the first symptoms appear, we might have a better chance of preventing it. Now it looks like the fruits of their efforts could be paying off, as two research teams have […]

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