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  • Discover the Key to
    Retrieving Lost Memories

    If you find yourself struggling with memory loss lately, don’t lose heart. New research from UCLA — using a marine snail, of all things — shows you may be able to retrieve memories you thought were lost for good. It’s exciting news for folks experiencing the early stages of cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease. Read […]

  • Is The Risk of Dementia Declining?

    Everybody assumes the risk of Alzheimer’s and other dementias is on the increase. Even as early as the 1980s dementia was described as “The Silent Epidemic.” But new research suggests that far from your risk of dementia going up, it’s actually going down. Find that hard to believe? So do I. Let’s see what this […]

  • The Microbe that Can
    Eat Your Brain

    It’s one of the more troubling threats to the brain: the small but real possibility that a microbe can devour your brain tissue. Admittedly, the chance that the amoebic parasite Naegleria fowleri will ever get into your skull and make like Pac-Man — chomping on brain cells – is pretty remote. But the amoeba may […]

  • Would You Shape Up if You Knew You Were Getting Alzheimer’s?

    The invention of X-rays revolutionized medicine. Once doctors could see inside the body without cutting it open, their diagnostic powers vastly increased. And now, if some neurologists have their way, getting a snapshot of the inside of your brain during a doctor visit may become commonplace. But will it be worthwhile? Here’s the inside story. […]

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