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  • Decoding the Brain’s Hyper-Consciousness During a Near-Death Experience

    Every day, more than 11,000 Americans suffer cardiac arrest. Unless this catastrophe happens in a hospital, only about one in ten of those people survive. If you live through this type of life-threatening heart stoppage, you have a significant chance of going through what’s called a “near-death” experience. But what actually happens in the brain […]

  • Study Points toward Wearable Electric Gadgets that Improve Memory

    The old adage “put on your thinking cap” to improve the way your brain works may soon be a reasonable piece of advice for helping your memory. But the thinking cap of the future won’t just be a strange looking hat. It will hold electrical devices that stimulate your brain with electric currents. A study at […]

  • How Choosing the Right Colors Can Keep Your Brain Healthy

    A family of red, orange, blue and purple pigments — produced by plants to help them resist environmental hazards — possesses enormous benefits for human health. These colorful plant nutrients have been documented to protect against cancer, heart disease, diabetes, infectious diseases, and more. And over the last decade it’s become clear that such colorful […]

  • New Hope for
    Reversing Alzheimer’s Disease

    Doctors have long considered Alzheimer’s disease irreversible. Once your memory, personality and even your sense of self begin to be eclipsed by the deformed proteins that invade your brain during this illness, your mind descends into mental darkness. Eventually . . . inevitably. . .the build-up of physiological gunk in your skull chokes off your […]

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