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  • Smarter people live longer

    The worst thing you can do for your brain is nothing. If you’re not busy improving your brain health, you’re letting it decline. For instance, as I’ve often pointed out, physical activity protects your brain.1 When you jog, play tennis, lift weights or engage in other exercise you increase the blood supply to the brain […]

  • Low body temperature
    puts your brain in danger

    As you age, a common change in the way your body functions makes you more vulnerable to Alzheimer’s disease. But you can temper this increased risk. The problem starts with the fact that an aging body is a colder body. As you approach and enter your senior years, the internal temperature that your body maintains […]

  • Pizza almost destroyed
    this young man’s brain

    The emergency room doctor was puzzled. Why was a 20-year-old college student having trouble keeping his balance in the shower when he shampooed his hair? Her immediate advice to her patient: Don’t close your eyes in the shower when you lather your hair. But then further tests showed the cause of his problem. . . […]

  • Sometimes running
    your mouth is a good idea

    Singapore is very serious when it comes to gum control, although you’re allowed to import small amounts into the country for your own personal use. But in 2004 they relaxed their laws. So long as you have a doctor’s prescription, you can purchase sticks of chewing gum from pharmacists and dentists. You see, they came […]

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