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  • Tastes Sweet, Zero Calories,
    But Dangerous for Your Brain

    On this hot 4th of July weekend you might want to cool down with an icy soda (or soda pop, as we said when I was a kid in the Midwest). And if you’re weight conscious, it might be a diet soda with a certain calorie-free chemical in place of sugar. Bad idea. Researchers have […]

  • This helps explain why we
    still don’t have a dementia cure

    If you’ve ever watched a crime show on TV, you’re familiar with psychological profiling. This is the process where a detective uses behavioral clues to put together a criminal “snapshot” in order to better understand—and catch—the criminal. In a way, Alzheimer’s disease is as dangerous and lethal a criminal as the ones we see on […]

  • This common feature of daily life shrinks your brain

    By now just about everybody knows that being chronically over-stressed is generally bad for your health. That goes for brain health, too – perhaps even more than for cardiovascular health, where stress has been a focus of concern for decades. Researchers have now found that stress can damage your brain in ways that make you […]

  • Brain performance soars with this electric treatment

    Today’s article deals with a fascinating new high-tech brain booster. If neuroscientists are right, in the not-too-distant future, charging stations won’t be limited to electric cars. They’ll be available for your brain, too. Charging points could be located at shopping malls. You might be able to enter a special booth and choose what kind of improvement […]

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