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  • Is Your Brain Slowly Suffocating?

    Consider the fact that suffocation can kill quickly: When you stop breathing and your brain goes without oxygen for a mere four minutes, you start to suffer significant brain damage. After about 8 minutes of total oxygen deprivation, so many brain cells die that death is usually certain. But you may suffer oxygen deprivation tonight […]

  • Tastes Sweet, Zero Calories,
    But Dangerous for Your Brain

    If you believe the marketing hype, a certain calorie-free ingredient added to soft drinks can help you lose weight. But the truth about this chemical additive is less reassuring. Researchers have raised serious doubts about what it really does to help you lose weight (sneak preview: nothing). And investigations into its effects on the body […]

  • It Only Takes One Minute to Get Fit

    Many people think the most effective type of exercise consists of long, exhausting sessions of running, hours of weightlifting, or other super-demanding workout routines. But it seems all that is going out the window. We’re in the middle of a revolution regarding the best way to exercise. It’s easy to achieve fitness with much less […]

  • Keep Alzheimer’s At Bay
    With a Delicious Drink

    Some people swear by a nice hot cup of cocoa to relax, to warm up on a cold day, or to give themselves a mood lift (it’s a stimulant, milder than coffee and tea). But cocoa may be much more than a comfort food. In the last decade it has become clear that cocoa can […]

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