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  • Your Personality May Reveal a Thing or Two About Your Immune System

    How would you describe your personality? Outgoing and friendly? Shy and reclusive? Serious and studious? According to researchers, when you talk about your personality, you’re not only talking about your social skills, you’re also discussing the shape of your brain and the function of your immune system. Remarkably, certain personality types may be more likely […]

  • Alzheimer’s Not Always to Blame For Sudden Memory Loss — Avoid a False Diagnosis!

    With Alzheimer’s diagnoses and awareness on the rise, it’s understandable that the first signs of memory loss in your loved ones might immediately make you think Alzheimer’s. However, Alzheimer’s disease — and even other forms of irreversible dementia — may not always be to blame for sudden memory loss or changes in behavior in elderly […]

  • When Your Immune System Attacks Your Brain

    An effective immune system can save your life. Robust immunity keeps infectious bacteria, viruses and other pathogens from invading the body and making you ill. But you can have too much of a good thing. One big problem: You may be eating foods that cause the immune system to not only guard against infectious organisms, […]

  • Detox Your Brain Every Day – Costs Nothing!

    When many people think about the benefits of detoxification, they focus on detoxing below the neck in order to clear out substances linked to illness. But they don’t often consider the fact that the brain needs to be detoxed, too. There are substances that build up in the blood that can impede the function of […]

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