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  • “Brain Pacemaker” Could Become
    a Widespread, Drug-Free
    Treatment for Alzheimer’s

    A creative team of scientists has developed a “brain pacemaker” in hopes of slowing or reversing the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. Interestingly, the treatment was first developed to treat Parkinson’s disease, but a pilot study from Germany recently reported it could be used to treat Alzheimer’s successfully, without the use of drugs or steroids. Let’s […]

  • Change These Four Things
    to Save Your Memory

    When researchers at UCLA teamed up with the Gallup organization to try to measure the most dangerous threats to people’s mental abilities as they age, they found four factors that pose the greatest problems for brain function. But the finding that shocked them most was the depth of memory problems experienced by Americans of all […]

  • How to Build A Better Brain

    Not so long ago scientists believed that once a brain cell dies it can’t be replaced – unlike skin cells, for example, that regenerate when there’s a wound or a lesion. We now know this is not true. You can grow new neurons throughout your entire life. This means that cognitive decline is not an […]

  • Is Your Brain Slowly Suffocating?

    Consider the fact that suffocation can kill quickly: When you stop breathing and your brain goes without oxygen for a mere four minutes, you start to suffer significant brain damage. After about 8 minutes of total oxygen deprivation, so many brain cells die that death is usually certain. But you may suffer oxygen deprivation tonight […]

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