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  • This common spice
    spurs a better memory

    An easy way to improve your memory and make better neural connections in your brain tissue may be no farther away than your kitchen cabinet. In tests at Rush University in Chicago, researchers have found that ingestion of cinnamon may be able make significant changes to the hippocampus – the memory center of the brain […]

  • This increases your dementia risk 62 percent

    While Alzheimer’s grabs all the headlines, the second most common form of dementia, vascular dementia (VaD), affects 1.75 million Americans and is growing fast in the US — and worldwide, too. Many people are affected by one of the key risk factors for VaD, but have no idea there’s a sword hanging over the heads. […]

  • A lot of people still don’t know about this vitamin

    It’s been nicknamed “the forgotten vitamin”. Yes, when it comes to vitamins, most of us only know our alphabet from A to E. But there’s another one that lies beyond: Vitamin K. Even people who know about this vitamin think we’re getting plenty of it in our food, and it only serves one function in the […]

  • Single best thing you can do for your brain?

    How much will your brain shrink this year? Your brain shrinks with the passing years – a smaller brain is an inevitable result of aging. But some brains shrink faster than others. The trick to keeping your wits about you is to minimize this shrinkage. Otherwise, the faster your brain loses its size, the higher […]

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