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  • The Brain-Saving Substance in Your Drinking Water

    Could the answer to Alzheimer’s disease be in your tap water? A growing body of evidence shows that an element sometimes found in drinking water could be the key to defeating Alzheimer’s disease. And some scientists believe the reason the substance hasn’t been more carefully studied is linked to the fact that pharmaceutical companies can’t […]

  • Is This the Most Important Key to Brain Health?

    Researchers now insist that it’s really not that hard to keep your brain healthy as you age. The root of the problem, they explain, is that most people neglect the key ingredient for brain health. The key: Keeping the brain’s fuel supply system working properly. Let me explain what I mean… Continued below… Tune Up […]

  • How to Sniff Your Way to A Better Memory

    It’s well known that when the insulin mechanism goes awry it leads to diabetes. What is less well known is that this hormone plays many important roles in brain chemistry, too — so much so that many researchers believe diabetes and dementia are closely linked. They’ve even dubbed Alzheimer’s disease “Type 3 Diabetes”. Here’s a […]

  • The Future of Mind Reading

    The only “mind reading” most of us have ever seen was a magic trick, a gimmick magicians use to wow a crowd. But now the real thing may be possible, with the help of new technology. It’s a fascinating development – keep reading if you’d like to know more. . . Continued below… Why are […]

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