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  • Your brain and your bones are talking to each other

    In a surprising discovery, researchers have found that one of the biggest glands in the body produces a hormone that plays an important role in helping the brain stay healthy as you age. But this endocrine gland needs your help to do its job properly. Now here’s the big surprise. . . . Continued below… […]

  • Exotic spice (NOT curcumin or cinnamon) boosts memory

    It’s the world’s most exotic and expensive spice, revered for its distinctive color, flavor and odor. Its medical applications were referenced in ancient Indian and Middle Eastern texts, and practitioners of traditional Persian medicine prescribed it as a treatment for depression and failing memory. Today, scientists are confirming that the historic healers of Persia were […]

  • A pacemaker for your brain?

    A Pacemaker for Your Brain? Latest Developments. . . It was considered far-fetched science fiction when doctors first tried to create a device to control abnormal heartbeats by stimulating heart cells with low-grade electric current … Today, we know this common treatment as a cardiac pacemaker. Now, scientists are testing the same hypothesis for treating […]

  • Weird finding: strong legs indicate a strong brain

    How Strong Legs Equal a Strong Brain For years, scientists have been searching for minimally invasive, inexpensive ways to diagnose Alzheimer’s as early as possible. If the onset of the disease could be seen several years ahead of really bad symptoms, patients would have enough time to make changes that can slow or even prevent […]

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