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  • Your Brain has a Clock and It’s Probably Telling the Wrong Time

    Your brain has an internal clock that helps you get sleepy at night, makes you alert in the morning and influences your memory and mental powers. When you adopt daily habits that help this clock stay in sync, your brain works better. Go against it, and you run an increased risk of a brain breakdown. […]

  • Negative Attitudes towards
    Aging Cost You Your Memory

    My high school teachers used to complain I had a bad attitude. I hope it’s improved since then. Here’s why it matters. . . A new study by researchers at the Yale School of Public Health shows that a positive attitude towards aging could be the difference between a mentally healthy old age or decline […]

  • A ‘Red Flag’ that Could Warn of Memory Problems Two Decades Ahead

    It’s so common it’s usually overlooked. Just a case of getting older. The person with the complaint thinks nothing of it. Family members aren’t concerned. Physicians don’t see a need to do any tests or ask any questions. And yet this seemingly innocuous condition is not one to ignore. Recent research suggests it could foretell […]

  • Alzheimer’s Disease Is Not the Only Memory-Threat to Your Brain

    Every informed person is afraid of Alzheimer’s disease, but it’s not the only brain danger you face as you age. Even if you never develop Alzheimer’s, that doesn’t mean your brain is entirely safe. You’re still at significant risk for another type of memory-wiping dementia that few people know about: vascular dementia. And this non-Alzheimer’s […]

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