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  • Breaking news: Scientists link Alzheimer’s to an infection

    Despite decades of extensive medical research, scientists are still struggling to understand the causes of Alzheimer’s disease. And now a startling investigation in Spain suggests that a microbial infection could be instrumental in causing Alzheimer’s, although these findings haven’t been confirmed by other researchers.1 If it IS confirmed, it may be the most important medical […]

  • Early Detection of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Through Speech Patterns

    For some time, researchers have sought ways to detect neurological disease at a very early stage. Early diagnosis, before patients show up in a doctor’s office with symptoms, could delay the onset of the disease or even offer a shot at preventing it altogether. Recent developments in computer learning and technology give us hope that […]

  • Smart people do this a lot, but it may not be so smart

    Common Mistake of High Achievers can Weaken the Memory If you’re finding it harder with the passing years to retain information that you’re trying to remember, it may not be the fault of a faltering brain. You may just be trying to learn new things the wrong way. Today we’re living in a distracted, information-saturated […]

  • The truth about alcohol and brain health

    Research suggests a history of heavy drinking, especially in middle-aged folks, could contribute to memory loss in later years. It may even contribute to the development of Alzheimer’s disease. And take note: The “sweet spot” between healthy, moderate consumption and dangerous, “heavy drinking” is surprisingly small. Read on to find out where your scientific “sweet […]

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