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  • Deficiencies in Key Nutrients

    Cancer is a process that begins with one or a series of risk factors that set you up to get the disease. At least that’s how a naturopath sees it. If these are not dealt with, over a number of years they can lead to the first cancerous cells being formed that are able to […]

  • For Best Results, Schedule Your Brain-Building Activities for Certain Times of Day

    Many studies indicate that performing intellectually demanding or creative tasks as you age keeps your brain stronger and more vibrant. But research into how the brain juggles its supply of neurotransmitters — the chemicals that neurons use to communicate with each other – came up with a surprising result. Sticking to a strict schedule of […]

  • This Everyday Feature of Modern Life Can Shrink Your Brain and Lead to Alzheimer’s

    You’ve often been told it’s bad for your health (and, no, for once we’re not talking about some kind of food). Today’s must-to-avoid can. . . • heighten the risk of death from heart-related problems five times over • double the risk of developing diabetes and obesity • reduce the chance of fertile women conceiving […]

  • The Common Vitamin Deficiency that Can Doom Your Brain

    Every day millions of Americans take medicines that threaten their brains. The problem starts with the fact that we are in the midst of a heartburn epidemic. Annually about 157 million prescriptions are written for medications to ease acid indigestion. Many of these drugs are proton pump inhibitors (PPIs), a type of medication that reduces […]

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