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  • Best snack for improved
    memory and brain power

    If you’re up late working on a presentation for work, studying for a test or performing some other mentally-taxing task, what’s your snack of choice? If you go in for caffeinated soft drinks, e.g. colas, you may be helping yourself stay awake but you’re not doing your brain that much good. Instead, you’d do better […]

  • For once, something fun
    is good for you, too

    It improves the immune system, lowers blood pressure, reduces the risk of a heart attack, relieves pain, improves sleep and eases stress. That’s quite a collection of benefits for one activity. Better still, it’s something people look forward to and enjoy (so you know it can’t be exercise). It’s sex. Now a new study has […]

  • Exotic fruit is good for the skin, better for the mind

    Looking young is a huge part of feeling young. A lot of salespeople are keenly aware of this. We can say with confidence that Ponce de Leon wasn’t the only person searching for a fountain of youth. Just look at the plethora of beauty products out there with more or less the same promise: “Use […]

  • Try this easy way to improve your brain power

    Just because you’re getting on in years, it doesn’t mean that your brain, its inner structure and your mental powers have to stagnate or decline. You can always change your brain for the better. True fact. I’ve been reading up lately on neuroplasticity – the ability of the brain to change and grow even in […]

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