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  • Common chemical in food causes brain damage

    As if we didn’t have enough threats to brain health already in our lives, a report on the growing use of certain chemicals on crops shows they endanger the neurons that keep our thoughts and memories intact. These agricultural chemicals are running off into our water, and their residues may be clinging to some of […]

  • This milkshake prevents your brain from shrinking?

    Breakthrough research revealed at the Advances in Alzheimer’s Therapy international congress held in March has caused quite a stir in the scientific community. For the first time, a nutritional intervention was shown to preserve the ability of people with the earliest signs of Alzheimer’s to retain memories, reduce brain shrinkage and carry out everyday tasks. […]

  • Deficiency of THIS vitamin ups your risk of Alzheimer’s 70%

    The cartoon symbol for a great idea is a light bulb snapping on over somebody’s head. The floating bulb shows that an inspirational thought has just popped into someone’s brain. Well, in fact, there is a type of light that can make your brain work better and perhaps lead to greater inspiration – sunlight. Here’s […]

  • Is THIS the most common cause of Alzheimer’s?

    Stunning Theory from 31 Senior Scientists Common Infections Cause Alzheimer’s Common infectious agents are a major cause of Alzheimer’s. That’s what an international team of senior scientists, researchers and clinicians assert in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, 8th March, 2016. These scientists are openly frustrated and fed up. They feel this way because a link […]

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