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  • Can Aspirin and Ibuprofen
    Prevent Alzheimer’s?

    An older brain is a more vulnerable brain. Year by year, as you age, your brain has a harder time defending itself against factors that can hinder your memory and hamper your mental abilities.  But cheap, over-the-counter medications, available at any supermarket, may be able to prevent some of the difficulties that aging brains are [...]

  • The Forgotten Nutrient –
    Used For Over 60 Years
    To Restore Memories

    “…it took just under four months for us to see what seemed to be a full cure, but we started to notice improvement even after a few days.” So reported K.H. of Las Vegas in December, 2013. Her mother, suffering from dementia, was unable to tell you her age or what year it was. Yet [...]

  • Is There a Link Between
    Migraines and Alzheimer’s Disease?

    Despite headaches being so common, neurologists still don’t know a lot about them. And despite dementia being the most common neurological disorder in older populations, we still don’t know everything about that, either.  Recent studies have linked migraines in middle-aged people to an increased risk of Parkinson’s disease later in life. Those who see “auras”—or [...]

  • This 5,000-Year-Old Technique
    “Rewires” Alzheimer’s Brains

    Everyone from senators to celebrities to Wall Street stock traders are singing the praises of a 5,000-year-old technique to increase your health and wellbeing. And new studies are constantly coming out, verifying its physical, mental, and emotional value.  Now, a new study proves this ancient secret could also have a huge effect on Alzheimer’s disease [...]

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