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  • The Telltale Sign that You May Be
    In Danger of Dementia

    How long are you able to stand on one leg with your eyes closed? The answer to this simple question could determine how likely you are to suffer with dementia. That’s because standing on one leg requires various muscles, joints, and sensory systems, all coordinated by the brain. This and other balance tasks are therefore […]

  • Beware the Popular Drug that
    Can Demolish Your Memory

    About 25 million Americans now take a class of drug that may ruin their brains as they age. And if the pharmaceutical companies that make these precription medications have their way, at least another 13 million people will soon be pressured by their doctors to take them, too. Mainstream medicine and most doctors have failed […]

  • This Berry Could be a Turning Point
    in the Fight Against Alzheimer’s

    Everyone from nutritional scientists to wise mothers preaches the major health benefits of eating more fruit and vegetables. And scientists recently discovered yet another benefit to reducing processed foods and sugars and switching to a whole food diet: A rare compound in one particular berry could do more than just improve your health … it […]

  • If You Want To Avoid Dementia,
    Keep an Eye on Your Ankles

    A simple, accurate, non-invasive test that can be carried out in just 15 minutes in a doctor’s office may be one of the most valuable predictors of future cognitive decline. Originally it was designed to test for restricted blood supply to the leg muscles caused by fatty deposits in the arteries, a condition called Peripheral […]

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