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  • Sometimes Your Brain Could Use a Bath, Too

    When your hands get dirty, you wash them. And you might want to do the same with your brain. No, brain cells don’t acquire dust and grime, they accumulate cellular waste. And washing that out may protect you against memory problems like Alzheimer’s disease. Here’s what you need to do. . . Continued below… Is […]

  • Can Your Blood Type Cause Dementia?

    Over the years, blood type has been said to affect everything from how we lose weight to our risk of suffering heart disease and stroke. According to a recent data analysis from the University of Vermont, there’s another item to add to the list: People with one of the four common blood types have an […]

  • When It’s Good To Be Going Nuts

    This delicious food has a hard protective shell – much the way the brain has a skull. Its ‘meat’ is divided into two halves – the brain has two hemispheres. It’s covered in furrows – the brain is also covered in furrows. It contains approximately 68% beneficial fat – the brain contains about the same […]

  • Use This Secret to Physically
    Rewire Your Brain

    If you’ve ever lived in an old house where you flip a light switch and nothing happens, or light fixtures flicker off and on unpredictably, then you know how frustrating it can be to deal with old, bad wiring. As you age, your brain can be just as frustrating. Much of your ability to remember […]

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