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  • Good vibrations can help Alzheimer’s patients

    “It’s like sitting on a subwoofer,” explained professor Lee Bartel from the University of Toronto. Professor Bartel led the first-ever study to test the therapeutic effects Alzheimer’s patients experience from sitting in a special $10,000 chair. The chair has built-in speakers that broadcast very low bass frequencies. The result of feeling and listening to these […]

  • Stuff in the air that
    can mess up your brain

    The risk is small, but real nonetheless. Tiny particles from air pollution can enter through your nose, travel up to your brain and cause memory-disrupting irritation in your brain cells. So it’s worth taking a few simple precautions to lower your risk from these microscopically tiny particles. Continued below… Introducing America’s Best Cancer Doctors When […]

  • For better brain health,
    learn to zinc straight

    All your cells – including brain cells – continually manufacture the proteins they need to function and stay healthy. But when they run short of one particular mineral, malformed proteins can lead to serious diseases like Parkinson’s, cystic fibrosis and Alzheimer’s. And research shows that many of us are at higher risk for these problems […]

  • Your spice rack contains a
    one-hour cure for memory loss

    Thanks to a familiar herb, the struggle to keep your mind young and your memories intact just became much easier. While most people think of sage as a seasoning for poultry, pasta or gnocchi, it’s been treasured for centuries for its ability to heal the mind. It’s no coincidence that its name is a word […]

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