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  • High Blood Pressure Inflicts
    Damage On Your Brain

    There’s a reason they take your blood pressure every time you go to a doctor’s office. It’s the key to a great many health problems. High blood pressure triples the risk of dying from a heart attack, quadruples the chances of heart failure, and increases the risk of death from stroke seven times over. It […]

  • Two Easy Fixes for
    Better Brain Health
    and Longer Life

    Researchers have identified two key lifestyle factors that can produce a cascade of mind-health benefits if you want a brain that works more efficiently, lasts longer and provides sharper intellectual abilities. All you have to do is change these two factors, and — like ripples in a lake from a falling pebble — you should […]

  • Grow Your Own Natural
    Alzheimer’s Remedy

    So far, science hasn’t found a treatment that can cure Alzheimer’s disease or even stop its progression. It remains one of the only top killing diseases without a mainstream treatment worth mentioning. Yet scientists believe they’ve discovered something new – or rather something very old – that has the potential to guard against and even […]

  • Lack of Government Action
    May Contribute to Millions
    of Alzheimer’s Deaths

    This year, the first baby boomers will be turning 65. But soon they may no longer be referred to as “baby boomers.” They’re getting a new name: “Generation Alzheimer’s.” The terrible truth is a huge majority of baby boomers will spend their retirement years either suffering from Alzheimer’s or caring for someone with the disease. […]

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